Armenia, Azerbaijan Clash In Tegh-Zabukh Borderline

Wednesday 12 April 2023 - 12:42

ISWNews Analysis Group – A fresh conflict between border guards of Armenia and Azerbaijan Republic left four Armenian and three Azerbaijani military forces killed.

In the afternoon of April 11, local sources in the Tegh Municipality of the Syunik Province in southern Armenia reported a clash between the Azerbaijani and Armenian military forces.

According to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the struggle left three Azerbaijani soldiers dead and a few others injured. The Ministry of Defence of Armenia also declared that the confrontation left four Armenian soldiers dead and six others wounded.

Azerbaijan claims that the clash erupted following a shooting by Armenian forces towards positions of the Azerbaijani soldiers on the way to Lachin Corridor. Then, the Azerbaijani army responded to the attack, which led to some casualties among the Armenian ranks.

Now, the two sides have reached a consensus to halt the confrontation; so, there is not any more details of the battle ground in Tegh-Zabukh borderline. Zabukh is a village located in the Lachin District of Azerbaijan Republic.

A weird and unrelated issue regarding to the incident is that some media outlets in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku claimed that Armenia utilized Iran-made drones in the mentioned confrontation, but Yerevan ruled out the fake news story, attributing the propaganda to media outlets affiliated to Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev. The unfounded accusation has been leveled in line with Baku’s Iranophobic policy and its strategy to pave the ground for potential clashes with Iran.

It should be mentioned that Azerbaijan’s army held joint military drills along with the allies of the country in its border areas with Armenia.

Baku resorted to anti-Tehran accusations in recent months, while the Islamic Republic has called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to abide by international borders and stop escalating tensions.

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