Attack On US Embassy In Beirut, Gunman Captured By Lebanese Soldiers (Video)

Wednesday 5 June 2024 - 18:48

In an assault on the United States’ diplomatic interests, a gunman attacked the US Embassy near Beirut, Lebanon on Wednesday morning. The incident resulted in a shootout with Lebanese security forces, leaving one embassy security guard injured.

According to military and embassy officials, the gunman was shot in the stomach and leg before being apprehended by Lebanese soldiers. No other assailants were reported to be involved in the attack.

The gunman, a resident of the eastern Lebanese border town of Majdal Anjar near Syria, has been identified as a Syrian national. Initial reports indicate he may be affiliated with the ISIS group, as photos have emerged showing the suspect wearing a black vest with “Islamic State” written in Arabic and the English initials “I” and “S”. However, the ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the assault.

The assailant who was arrested by the security forces

Lebanese authorities have launched a full investigation into the incident, including raids in Majdal Anjar and the nearby town of Suweiri, where three relatives of the suspect and two other individuals believed to be associated with him were arrested.

The attack comes as tensions in Lebanon remain high, with ongoing fighting between Hezbollah fighters and Israeli troops along the Lebanese border, as well as prolonged political deadlock and economic hardship plaguing the tiny Mediterranean country.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing around 15 to 20 rounds of gunfire during the exchange between the gunman and Lebanese security forces.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing around 15 to 20 rounds of gunfire during the exchange between the gunman and Lebanese security forces.

A US Embassy spokesperson confirmed that one of their security guards was injured in the attack, though they declined to provide further details, citing the guard’s privacy.

Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati was briefed on the situation by the defense minister and army commander, who assured him that the situation was now under control and that thorough investigations were ongoing.

This is not the first time the US Embassy in Beirut has been targeted. In 1983, a deadly bombing killed 63 people. The embassy was subsequently relocated to the Christian suburb of Aukar, north of the capital, but was struck by another bomb in 1984.

The latest assault underscores the persistent threat of attacks directed at the US interests in the region. The Biden administration is expected to work closely with Lebanese authorities to bolster security around the embassy and address the underlying tensions that continue to fuel such attacks.

Lebanese security forces apprehended a Lebanese individual who had opened fire near the US Embassy in September 2023. There were no casualties resulting from that incident. The following month, in October 2023, hundreds of protesters engaged in clashes with Lebanese security forces during demonstrations held near the US Embassy. The protesters were showing their support for the people of Gaza and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, as they have been under Israeli brutal attacks since then.

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