Opinion: Key Fragments Of The “Al-Aqsa Storm”, Part One

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Saturday 18 November 2023 - 15:30

Hamas’ special operation to awaken the Ummah exceeded all expectations. The Operation “Al-Aqsa Storm” (or Flood of Al-Aqsa) demonstrated in practice that the words of Hassan Nasr-Allah and Iranian officials that the Zionist colony is just a ”web” is an indisputable fact.

The logic of Hamas’ actions had two key aspects, 1 – to show the Ummah that Zionism is nothing and there is no point in being afraid of the “temporary entity” and its satellites. This message is addressed to all those who are still in doubt or fear of their tyrants (most Arab countries). 2 – Hamas has been preparing for its special operation for two years, it was during this period that a crisis of power occurred inside the Zionist colony, which split the occupation into several warring camps. Thus, the Islamic Resistance Movement demonstrated a high level of tactical thinking, which made it possible to develop a successful plan for a surprise strike against the colonialists.

Militarily, Hamas shocked the colonialists with an innovative approach using air and sea space. The “Hawk Squad”, like the divers of the Palestinian resistance, will be dreamed of by the Zionists for a long time, even after they are expelled from Palestine and settle in Western countries.

In addition to excellent military training, Hamas was able to outplay the Zionists in the diplomatic field. As the occupiers themselves complained, “Hamas deceived us by claiming that it does not want conflicts, as it is interested in economic well-being in the Gaza Strip” and as an argument for this position, the Zionists were pointed out that Hamas remained neutral during the confrontation between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Zionists in 2019 (the murder of Baha Abu al-Atta) and In the spring of 2023 (the assassination of a number of Saraya al-Quds commanders In The Gaza Strip).

Today we see how successful such a move from Hamas turned out to be, the vigilance of the Zionists was put to sleep and at the same time, all the resistance factions attacked the enemy’s positions with a single impulse, capturing more than two hundred Zionists. It got to the point that Hamas intelligence was able to use its agents among the Zionist military and find out the location of military bases near the Gaza Strip, plus purchase military equipment.

And now the most important aspect of the current confrontation, absolutely all the main actors of the Arab component of the Axis of Resistance alliance have noted military actions against Zionism. This speaks not only of broad solidarity with the Palestinians, but also of a high level of coordination between the forces of the Islamic Resistance of all Axis countries.

Due to geographical features, Hezbollah and Syria were the first to react, and the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon in the first days of the war destroyed a number of occupation tanks and outposts with adjacent stations in less than a week. Moreover, today Hezbollah coordinates military operations not only with the blockaded Gaza Strip, but also on the ground. For example, it has become the norm when representatives of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad conduct raids against the occupiers from the territory of Southern Lebanon.

Complementing the topic of Lebanon, I will point out that the “Al-Aqsa Storm” was able to activate, among other things, those old members of the Axis of Resistance who often do not fall into the focus of the media. Thus, the Fajr Forces, being the combat wing of the Islamic Group of Lebanon, claimed responsibility for the attack on the Zionists, as a response for “violation of the sovereignty of Lebanon and solidarity with the population of the Gaza Strip.”

In early November, it turned out that the Amal Movement, an old Shiite organization, also sent its volunteers to fulfill the duty of jihad for the holy land. Returning to the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, assessing the power of Hezbollah, the Zionists call the elimination of their forces in the “north”, “duck hunting”. The Internet is full of photos and videos proving the glorious hunt of Hezbollah.

Compared to Lebanon, Syria acted much more modestly by making several few rocket attacks on the occupied Golan, but the stiffness of the Syrians did not spoil the overall impression of Syria*, since the activity of the Iraqis is enough to act on behalf of two countries (Syria and Iraq).

First, the head of the political bloc, Hadi al-Ameri, announced that if the Zionists did not stop, then besides them, the Americans would also become the legitimate target of the Iraqi resistance. Further, the leader of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, said that his organization was ready to attack the colonialists from the territory of Syria, simultaneously liberating the Golan Heights. The sheikh also threatened that if the suffering of the Gaza Strip continues, Americans will not sleep peacefully in Western Asia. Earlier, a similar warning was issued by Asaib al-Haq, Kataeb Hezbollah and Kataeb Seyed al-Shuhada.

According to the head of the Al-Waad al-Sadiq Corps, about 5,000 fighters from the above-mentioned Iraqi groups, plus the Imam Ali Brigade and the Saraya al-Khorasani, are already located next to the Zionist “illegal entity”. In addition to the resistance factions, the charismatic cleric Muqtada Sadr urged his supporters to wait for the order for further actions to provide comprehensive assistance to the Palestinians.

On the Sunni side, the Council of Scholars Rabat al-Muhammadi, Mufti Mahdi al-Sumadai, Sheikh Khalid al-Mullah and the Secretary General of the Islamic Party of Iraq, Rashid al–Azzawi, declared their full readiness to support the Palestinian resistance in all ways, who stressed the desire to actually participate in jihad and create a military wing.

And while the final preparations are underway to open the Syrian front against the Zionists, the Iraqis have begun the process of eliminating the American presence in Syria and Iraq. With the help of drones and missiles, the “Islamic Resistance of Iraq” attacks Americans in Anbar, northern Iraq, the At-Tanf base and Deir Zor in Syria.

Later, one of the groups (the True Promise Brigade) stated that the American military bases in Kuwait and the UAE are also in the focus of attention of the Iraqi resistance. In this context, there were reports of an attempt by Iraqi drones to attack the Zionists through Jordan, after which the autocracy requested the Americans to deploy more modern air defenses in the hope of protecting the Zionists and their regime. And already in November, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq was able to attack the Zionist positions on the coast of the Dead Sea and the occupied city of Umm al-Rashash.

Thus, the resistance factions demonstrate solidarity with the Gaza Strip and send signals to the Americans that the front line will not be limited to the Zionists, the Pentagon will also be a target of resistance.

The brothers from Yemen also took part in solidarity with Palestine, launching drones and missiles at the “temporary essence” (“Eilat”). Despite the fact that the US Navy managed to shoot down Ansar Allah missiles, the Zionists and Washington realized that the Houthis could increase the scale of attacks at any moment and become a full participant in the Palestinian resistance.

Outside the framework of the Axis of Resistance, in terms of supporting Palestine, the active part of the societies of the two countries – Jordan and Libya – showed themselves most vividly. Since the first days of aggression, the Hashemite Kingdom has become the scene of mass demonstrations, where the main figures are the figures of the “Islamic Action Front”. It got to the point that the crowds of protesters chanted “all of Jordan is Hamas,” the “committee of Sharia scholars” affiliated with the Islamic Front called on all theologians of the Ummah to issue a fatwa for jihad against Zionism, and prominent sheikhs of the tribes of Jordan wrote a letter to Muhammad Deif, where they called him “their leader.” Given the presence of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on the border between the countries, it is now obvious that Jordan is already a powder keg, which sooner or later will be destined to become an anti-Zionist springboard. On the African side, Libyans have declared their readiness to participate in jihad against Zionists and crusaders.

Another bright moment on the African continent was the story of the attack on the Zionist military base in Eritrea, where a colonialist officer was killed.

So the first round of the new phase of the liberation of holy Palestine and al-Quds was left to Hamas and its allies. From the first days of the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, it was clear that Hamas expected the Zionists to decide on a ground intervention, which would allow using guerrilla warfare to destroy most of the “elite forces of the IDF.” The Zionists seemed to have agreed to a large-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip, but the shocking figures of the destruction of the occupiers’ military equipment on the outskirts of Gaza quickly sobered the Zionists. Instead of a direct clash with the Palestinian resistance, the occupiers decided to commit the most terrible crimes in the history of mankind, namely, infanticide by total bombing. Being in total shock from the sudden strike of Hamas on October 7, cosmopolitan terrorists organized a real genocide of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. Thus, the Zionists are naively trying to instill fear and wait for surrender, but the reality has shown a different picture, the Palestinians continue to support the resistance and oppose the resettlement plan to Sinai and Anbar.

The occupiers are desperately spewing the flames of hysteria, threatening to “destroy Hamas” and simultaneously exterminate the population of the Gaza Strip, but by doing so the Zionists demonstrate only their fear and agony. Hamas cannot be destroyed, Hamas, like other resistance factions, is a symbol of Palestine, and as the late philosopher, political scientist of Tatar origin from the Russian Federation, Shamil Sultanov, said, “you can’t defeat ideology with tanks.” “The Al-Aqsa Storm” is the beginning of the grand liberation of the holy land and the third shrine of Islam.

History will never forget the crimes of Zionism, and the supporters of the Islamic Awakening and other opponents of “world arrogance” will definitely take revenge on the Zionist Satanists and their henchmen.

P.S. Regarding the success of the Hamas surprise attack on October 7, IRGC Major General Hossein Salami said this way: “Despite all this, the mystery of the unexpected passage of Palestinians through all these walls, embankments and barriers of intelligence and security is still unknown, and no one knows the secrets of this conquest, but perhaps it will become clear later.”
My opinion regarding the grandiose sortie of Hamas is that it is likely that before the start of the movement of the Palestinian resistance fighters, a powerful multi-level cyber attack from the main ally of Hamas (we all know who we are talking about) preceded it, which made it possible to turn off all the equipment of the Zionists, including satellites, after which the guerrillas from the Brigade al-Qassam and Brigade al-Quds easily overcame ground obstacles and put the Zionists to flight.

* In addition to Iraqis in Syria, Palestinians from local refugee camps are actively participating in jihad from Lebanon. This means that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has its bases in Syria, and the organization itself will certainly send its fighters to the occupied Golan Heights to destroy Zionism when Damascus opens the front.

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