What Is The Connection Between The Murder Of Saleh Al-Arouri And Jordan?

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Wednesday 24 January 2024 - 08:50

The beginning of the year according to the Gregorian calendar was overshadowed by the murder of the legendary Saleh al-Arouri, a prominent Hamas figure and one of the founders of the al-Qassam Brigade. Experts interpret this terrorist act of Zionism in different ways, some argue that the Zionists’ goal is to drag Lebanon into a full-scale war (Shahid al-Arouri was killed in the southern suburbs of Beirut), after which the Neocon Republicans, with the support of the Zionist lobby, will begin to demand that Biden join the war on the side of Zionism.

Others claim that the goal of the occupiers is to stop the attacks of Hamas fighters from Lebanon and weaken the resistance of the West Bank. Still others talk about revenge for the organization of the al-Aqsa flood.

I will briefly answer the widespread opinions in the media:

1 – Biden said two months ago that the United States would not fight against Hezbollah, and Iranian officials constantly emphasize that the American administration regularly sends messages in which it claims that it does not want to expand the conflict and regional wars.
2 – Hamas has enough forces and personnel to carry out rotation, replacements and at the same time not lose its combat potential. Plus the guardianship of Hezbollah, which has set itself the task of becoming a “new Hamas” to help the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
3 – Revenge caused by the hysteria of the Zionists will not affect the Palestinian resistance in any way, since the planning of the special operation “flood of al-Aqsa” primarily included rapid response moves from the Hamas Shura Council and other resistance factions, in case of loss of high-ranking officials of the Islamic Resistance movements.

In general, there are many opinions and they all have a fair basis, but I would like to consider the tragedy through the opinions in the media. For example, what if we assume that the Zionists’ desire to influence certain people in Jordan and their connection with Syria and the West Bank was behind the murder of Saleh al-Arouri?

The fact is that the late deputy head of the Hamas Politburo was on good terms with the Islamic Action Front (the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan) and at the same time was an important link within the Axis of Resistance. Moreover, he was one of the few Hamas leaders with whom Assad’s representatives personally maintained relations.

Thus, we see a certain triangle where Shahid al-Arouri was chosen by the IRGC as a symbol of the alliance hidden from prying eyes. The scheme of the alliance looks like this, Syria under the supervision of the Iranians, as a point of shipment of weapons – then Jordan, the transit corridor – the Palestinian resistance of the West Bank, the final route of Syrian weapons. The legendary al-Arouri was a link between ideological enemies in the person of the Syrian Baathists and the Jordanian Ikhwans. Therefore, it was important for Zionism to kill a political figure associated with the external parties of the West Bank resistance, since the supply of weapons is still carried out by third parties and hidden “smugglers”.

The statement of the Hashemite autocracy about the allegedly violent military campaign against “Syrian drug trafficking” is designed to deceive public opinion in their country. The so–called “fight against cartels” is ostentatious, and the kingdom’s real goals are to reduce the supply of weapons to the resistance in the West Bank. For the sake of the security of Zionism, Amman is even ready to risk the lives of its soldiers, who often suffer losses in skirmishes with “Syrian smugglers.” Outside observers ask the question, why did the Jordanian autocracy start a “war on drugs” at the time of the beginning of the total genocide by the Zionists of the Gaza Strip?

By launching a war against the arms corridor from Syria, the Abdullah regime has created problems for itself not only on the border with the Syrian Republic, but also incurred the wrath of the kingdom. Now the Jordanians, who are in solidarity with the Palestinians, will think not only about how to help the West Bank, but also about their own self-defense against the dictatorship of the pro-Zionist kingdom. The desperate attempts of the Hashemite monarchy to prevent the strengthening of the Palestinian resistance are designed not only to please the Zionists, but also to send a signal to the opposition forces within the autocracy that the regime will defend itself in the event of a popular uprising.

The content of the article is purely the personal opinion of the author.

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