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Wednesday 11 August 21 - 20:33

US transfer troops to Jordan

ISWNews Analysis Group: After revising the military and political strategies, the White House decided to transfer American troops in Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE to Jordan.

Saturday 3 April 21 - 21:25

The Coup Failed in Jordan!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Jordanian Army thwarted the coup by arresting several former Jordanian officials.

Tuesday 22 October 19 - 08:21

Jordan and Israel disputes over al-Baqura and al-Ghamr

In the year 1994, an agreement was reached between Jordan and the Israeli regime, Wadi Arabah, in which the Israeli regime rented the al-Baqura area in the north and al-Ghamr in the south for 25 years.

Friday 12 July 19 - 13:38

The Details of the Deal of the Century Pertaining to Jordan

Read: “A Prelude to the Role of Jordan in the “Deal of the Century” for Palestine”   The details of the deal pertaining to Jordan: – At first Jordan was supposed to be invested in by 45 billion dollars in the form of solar farms, expanding aerial, ground and maritime transportation, drinking water infrastructure, education, […]

Monday 15 October 18 - 20:30

Syria and Jordan Reopen Border Crossing

According to the agreement between the Syrian and the Jordanian government, after several years the Nassib border crossing in southern Syria has reopened for the transit of the necessary goods and products.

Tuesday 29 May 18 - 18:40

Jordan, From Shia Crescent to A Hidden Dagger in the Back of the Palestine!

Researching about the role of Jordan, officially “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”, in the past decade in West Asia, seems to be so hard, its because that accessing to documented information is not easy. however, its safe to say that the only country that has been safe from the “Arab Spring” and “Takfiri Sedition”.