US Military Forces Killed, Wounded In Attack By Islamic Resistance In Iraq

Sunday 28 January 2024 - 19:43

Following a drone attack by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq on an US army base in the Al-Tanf region located on the Syria-Jordan border, three American servicemen were killed and 25 others were injured.

On January 28, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the positions of the terrorist US army in the Al-Tanf region in the Homs Governorate, located on the border of Syria and Jordan.

Hours after the attack, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) issued a statement confirming the killing of three US soldiers and the injury of 25 others in the drone attack by Iraqi resistance fighters on the US military base in northeastern Jordan.

Reacting to this incident, US President Joe Biden confirmed the deaths of the country’s soldiers in Jordan and announced that three US soldiers were killed and several others were injured in a drone strike on their forces in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border.

The US President claimed that the attack that led to the killing of three US soldiers was carried out by Iran-backed groups.

While Washington officials have spoken about the drone strike on the US military headquarters in northeastern Jordan, Jordanian officials, including the spokesperson for the government of the country, stated that the American base targeted by the drone attack is located outside the borders of Jordan and no incident occurred on Jordanian soil.

In this regard, it should be noted that American occupying forces are present in three points in Al-Tanf region, Al-Tanf base, Al-Zaqaf military site and Al-Rukban military camp near Al-Rukban refugee camp. The US Al-Rukban military camp is located inside Jordan and about 600 meters from the Syrian border. Today’s attack by the resistance forces, in addition to al-Tanf base, also targeted al-Rukban base, which resulted in the death of three Americans and wounding of 25 others.

This is the first time that the US has confirmed the killing of its soldiers as a result of attacks by Islamic resistance groups on US bases since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip. It is expected that the terrorist US army, in response to this incident, will carry out attacks against the positions of Islamic resistance groups in Iraq and eastern Syria.

CENTCOM statement
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