The Coup Failed in Jordan!

Saturday 3 April 21 - 21:25

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Jordanian Army thwarted the coup by arresting several former Jordanian officials.

Bassem Awadallah, the former head of the Royal Court, Sharif Hassan bin Zayed, and several others, including a Saudi national, have been detained by the Jordanian Intelligence Service on security charges.

There have also been reports of the arrest of former Jordanian Crown Prince Prince Hamzah bin Hussein and 20 others, which have been denied by the Jordanian media. In this regard, Major General Yousef Ahmed Al-Hnaity, Jordanian Armed Forces Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, denied the arrest of the former Crown Prince and said that Prince Hamzah was asked to stop destabilizing ‘activities’.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Gulf Cooperation Council have all expressed support for King Abdullah and his Crown Prince Hussein.

Prince Hamza bin Hussein served as Jordan’s Crown Prince from February 7, 1999, to November 28, 2004, following the death of former King Jordan, but was ousted during a vague affair.
According to the Jordanian constitution, the king’s eldest son will be crowned as his successor after his death; Unless the king has chosen one of his brothers as crown prince. On July 2, 2009, King Abdullah II elected his son Hussein as Crown Prince.

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