What Is The US Important Message To Iraq? Would American Occupiers Withdraw From Iraq?!

 ISWNews Analysis Group
Author: ISWNews Analysis Group
Thursday 25 January 2024 - 15:50

Alina Romanowski, the US Ambassador to Iraq, held talks with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on January 24. During this meeting, she delivered a significant message from the US administration to the Iraqi government to the foreign minister.

According to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry’s statement, a significant message has been received from the US administration to the Iraqi government, and this message will be delivered to Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani for further consideration; so, they can adopt next steps in this respect.

Following this meeting, Reuters and CNN, citing some sources, separately reported that the United States and Iraq are on the verge of starting negotiations with the aim of ending the US-led military coalition’s mission and how to replace it with bilateral relations.

According to CNN’s claim, part of these talks focuses on the possibility of whether the US military presence in Iraq would come to an end or not, and that the timing of these talks is not related to recent attacks by resistance groups against US military bases, and the US considers its right to self-defense preserved even during these talks.

On the other hand, a security official of the Kata’ib Hezbollah (Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades) Abu Ali al-Askari, in response to the possibility of negotiations between Washington and Baghdad regarding the presence of US military in Iraq, stated: Our jihadi operations against the American occupiers will continue until the withdrawal of their last soldier from Iraqi soil. Rest assured that this is yet another of the United States’ lies, and we are not fooled.

It is worth mentioning that tensions have recently escalated in Iraq and Syria, and the United States warplanes, in their unsuccessful attempts to reduce attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria, have carried out air strikes against positions of the Iraqi resistance groups. In the latest of these attacks, US warplanes targeted Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) bases in various areas of Iraq on January 24, resulting in the martyrdom of one Iraqi soldier and the injury of three others.

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These US attacks as well as other strikes in recent weeks have caused widespread anger and resentment among various segments of Iraqi society. After the recent attack, Western and regional media outlets published news about the possibility of the withdrawal of US troops and the start of negotiations between Baghdad and Washington. It appears that this propaganda campaign is aimed at diverting public attention from the hostile actions of the US military against Iraqi armed forces.

However, the negotiations between Baghdad and Washington on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq are not unprecedented. It had been agreed that during the tenure of former Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and in the latest round of strategic talks between Baghdad and Washington, the presence of US military forces in Iraq would come to an end by the end of 2021; however, in the end no withdrawal operation took place, and the mission of the 2500 troops stationed in Iraq, according to the US announcement, transitioned from combat to advisory status!

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