Increased ISIS activity in northern Nigeria

Thursday 6 May 2021 - 12:09

ISWNews Analysis Group: Recent attacks by ISIS and Boko Haram have led to the downfall of several areas in northern Nigeria.

According to Bauchi state officials, Boko Haram militants have infiltrated the villages of Zaki, Dambam, Darazo and Gamawa in Bauchi state. These areas are adjacent to the Geidam area and bordering the state of Yobe, which has been recently captured by the militants.

Boko Haram has also stepped up its attacks in the state of Borno. Boko Haram attacked an army base in the Ajiri area, 52 km south of Maiduguri. Seven people were killed in the attack, including a Nigerian army commander.

In another ISIS attack on the northern areas of Yobe state, the border village of Kanamma was captured by ISIS and army equipment was looted. This is the fourth attack on Kanamma village.

Increased coordinated attacks by Boko Haram and ISIS in Nigeria will further weaken the country’s military And if comprehensive counterterrorism plans are not adopted, there is a possibility of a complete collapse of the northern regions of the country.

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