Russia Launches New Operation In North Of Kharkiv

Sunday 19 May 2024 - 13:02

Over the past eight days, the Russian army has opened a new axis in the north of Kharkiv Oblast and managed to capture a total of 360 square kilometers of border areas.

For now, seizing the two important towns of Vovchansk and Lyptsi are the main goals of Russian army in this axis. Currently, Russian forces have entered Vovchansk and captured almost half of this town.

Western military analysts believe that Russia’s military operations in this axis do not have any strategic achievements for Russia. Nevertheless, it seems that one of the main goals of the operation in this axis is to create a security buffer zone on the northern borders of Kharkiv to increase the security of the southern areas of Belgorod. In recent months, Ukrainian forces have carried out many attacks in the southern axis of Belgorod and have caused the Russians a lot of trouble! We have to wait and see how far the Russians intend to advance deep into the north of Kharkiv.

Interactive map of Kharkiv

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