Russian Army Retreats From the Kharkiv Oblast (Map Update)

Monday 12 September 22 - 13:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the continuation of Russian retreats in Kharkiv Oblast in the east of Ukraine, Russian army forces completely withdrew from the north and northeast of Kharkiv.

The Russian army completely withdrew from the northern and northeastern regions of Kharkiv oblast, and the Ukrainian army took control of these regions. As predicted, the Russian forces in the north of Kharkiv retreated to the international borders, and in the east of Kharkiv, the forces went behind the Oskil river, and the eastern areas of the Oskil river are the only areas of Kharkiv oblast that are currently under the control of Russian forces.

In this way and with the retreats, about 8800 square kilometers of Kharkiv oblast came back under the control of the Ukrainian government.

It is noteworthy to mention that during the withdrawal of the Russian army from these areas, many Russian descent people of these areas also fled to Russia for fear of genocide, being persecuted, etc.

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