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10 July 2020
Answering Key Questions about Yemen War – Part Six

From AnsarAllah operation in Marib and Saudi coalition possible moves to keep it, to AnsarAllah’s missile and drone attacks to Saudi coalition and possibility of Turkey interfering in Yemen

08 July 2020
ISIS claimed responsibility for the assassination of Hisham al-Hashimi + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Quraysh al-Alamiyah, a network affiliated with the ISIS terrorist group, released a picture claiming the successful assassination of Hisham al-Hashimi, a well-known Iraqi extremism expert.

02 July 2020
Examining incidents of south of Syria; footsteps of a new intrigue! (Map Update)

Two years after Syrian army and allies operation in south of the country and full liberation of provinces , Daraa, Suweida and Quneitra, there are some activities forming to bring the situation of south of Syria back to start of the war.

22 June 2020
Latest Map of Fronts in Syria until 21 June 2020

Read in this article; investigation of important changes of Syria’s battle in recent months

13 June 2020
Investigating The Kashmiris Parties and Armed Groups

Kashmir is a region in central Asia which was always a source of struggle between Pakistan, India and China after second world war and British leaving India. Thus, there are parties and movements with different views which is one of the reasons Kashmir is so divided. Some want to annex to India, some want to annex to Pakistan and some want independence.

06 June 2020
Israel and IRGC Hidden Battle in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to available information, Israeli forces present in Afghanistan under the excuse of training police force and narcotics.

02 June 2020
Video: Unprecedented Protest in US!

Cruel death of George Floyd on 25 May in Minneapolis by American corrupt police, once again opened the deep racism wound in the US and set the country ablaze. Now the US is on Fire!

24 May 2020
Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!

Tomorrow will be another Eid but for Venezuela; because the first shipment of Iranian gasoline and Alkylat will arrive in Venezuela and will irrigating 1,800 hungry Venezuelan gas stations, and the sanctioned Venezuelan oil industry will be revived.

21 May 2020
Deal of the Century… No!
19 May 2020
Video: Are you afraid of America?!
25 April 2020
Exclusive Video of Iran’s Recent Satellite Launch With “Qased” SLV (Includes New Footage)

ISWNews Analysis Group: On April 22, 2020, Iran’s IRGC successfully launched and injected the “Noor” satellite in 425-Km orbit by “Qased” Satellite Launch Vehicle.

08 April 2020
Does U.S. intend to attack Iraqi groups? Part 3

The region situation becoming more complex, the importance of Iraq in the issues and crisis of the region is still the first place. Iraq became the competition field between US. and Islamic resistance, and political movements have to choose one side. In this sense, American and Iranian officials paid visit to Iraq and met groups which we will cover here.