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04 January 2020
Will have Iran a powerful response against US crime and will take revenge of Qasem Soleimani?

I say directly Yes! Surely there is a response, but perhaps not in the situation that many people may imagine. Do you ask why? Read this note.

03 January 2020
Why is Iraq incapable against US?

Disappointing expressions and behaviors of Iraqi politicians and leaders shows their deep weakness against US. Their reaction to US recent attack to Hashad Sha’abi shows that those tongues, which were shouting “reject Iranians and Quds Corp from Iraq”, are now shut up about USA!

02 January 2020
Infographic: Ansar Allah’s Report From 2019

The spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces released statistics and information on operations and activities of the Yemeni Army and Ansar Allah during 2019

02 January 2020
US great gamble in Iraq on New Year’s Eve!

December 30 attacks can be a fundamental turning point ; for getting all thing or losing everything . Both for US and for Islamic resistance in Iraq. But effects of this challenge will not confine just to Iraq and will affect on Syria, Lebanon and Yemen directly.

30 December 2019
Report of Ansar Allah battle with Saudi Coalition in 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Gen. Yahya Sari’, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, in a press conference gave details of Ansar Allah battle with Saudi coalition in 2019.

26 December 2019
Opinion: The Normalization of the Arab Relations with Israel

The power of Iran and the increased ideology of Islamic resistance after the defeat of Takfirism in the area, has feared the Arabic countries and the Zionists and make them become united against the resistance. In this way, the process of normalization of the relations between Arabic countries and Israel is being increased in the periods of Al Ziad and Al Saud.

16 December 2019
Article: The scenario of the Popular Mobilization Forces (Al-Hashd Ash-Sha’bi) extirpating, Part 1
15 December 2019
Opinion: Iraq Caught Up in Cognitive Warfare; What Can Be Done

What Iraq suffering today is rooted in the transformation of people’s intellectual foundations, which they have long engaged in a new kind of war that aims to change the power of people’s understanding. Cognitive warfare is the West’s most important approach to destroying the axis of resistance, and of course, it’s the least expensive, but what is this warfare, and what is the counter-strategy?

03 December 2019
Article: Tariq Saleh’s Defeat; Investigating Movement and Activities of Tariq Saleh in Yemen

Return of deceived Yemeni commanders to AnsarAllah is yet another defeat for the group of remainders of Ali Abdullah Saleh. Return of these commanders without understanding and controlling them can be a Trojan horse as well, for example, Tariq Saleh, who was using this horse, is now diminishing.

02 December 2019
Abdul-Mahdi Resignation; Iraq on an unclear Path!

Abdul-Mahdi ‘s unstable cabinet ended, let’s remember how he was assigned. Abdul-Mahdi, unlike previous PMs, did not candidate himself for the position but others asked him. He was mainly decided by Muqtada Sadr and Muhammad Reza Sistani (son of Ayatullah Sistani).

29 November 2019
Video: Iran’s Air Defense Drill Modafe’an-e Aseman-e Velayat 98
27 November 2019
Details of Former Yemeni President Assassination Released

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah released documents showing details of assassination of Ibrahim al-Hamdi, former President of Yemen in 1977, by Saudis.