Yemen: Al-Durayhimi, From the Siege to the Victory + Video and Map

Sunday 5 June 2022 - 17:19

A complete and true documentary of Ansar Allah’s resistance against the heavy attacks of the Saudi coalition on the town of Al-Durayhimi in western Yemen and breaking the siege of this town.

“Al-Durayhimi” is the name of a town and district in Al-Hudaydah province that was completely surrounded by the Saudi coalition during the Saudi coalition operation on the west coast of Yemen in August 2018. The siege was eventually broken by Ansar Allah and popular committees operation in October 2022, forcing Saudi-led coalition forces to retreat from around the town.

Al-Durayhimi residents and fighters during this period (about 800 days) were faced with heavy bombardment and attacks by the Saudi coalition and a shortage of food and medicine, and despite the agreement between Ansar Allah and the resigned government of Hadi in Stockholm, they did not receive any assistance from the United Nations or international organizations.

Situation in Durayhimi in 2020

In this regard, the Yemeni Ilam Al-Harbi media recently produced a documentary on al-Durayhimi’s situation during the 800 days of resistance, which narrates the problems caused by the siege of the Saudi coalition for the residents of this city and AnsarAllah’s surprising and impractical actions to help them.

In this documentary, we see scenes of Ansar Allah fighters fighting Saudi-led forces from al-Amaliqa to Tariq Saleh and repelling their attack on the al-Durayhimi governorate building, the martyrdom of a number of al-Durayhimi children and the elderly due to hunger, disease and injuries from coalition bombing. Also among the spectacular parts of this documentary are sending medicine and medical equipment by UAV, embedding food in rockets and sending it with 2500 rockets into the city, sending food by Mi-171sh helicopter of the Yemeni army, sending rotten food by the United Nations, rejecting the offer Representatives of the Red Cross on the transfer of civilians to the refugee camp in al-Khukhah by the people of al-Durayhimi, etc.

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Video No. 1: The siege and bombing of Al-Durayhimi led to the martyrdom, injury and mutilation of the residents of this town, who could not be treated after the medicine and medical equipment ran out.

Video No. 2: Lack of food led to the martyrdom of a number of Al-Durayhimi residents due to hunger, forcing the residents of this city to consume expired food and even eat the leaves of trees and ground plants.

Video No. 3: Martyrdom of one of Al-Durayhimi children due to severe hunger and his burial by his father

Video No. 4: Saudi coalition bombs water source and freshwater wells

Video No. 5: Ansar Allah sending medicine and medical equipment to the residents of Al-Durayhimi town by Rased UAV

Video No. 6: AnsarAllah sends food embedded in rockets and fires at al-Durayhimi. AnsarAllah fired 8 to 10 rockets carrying food into the town daily after the siege of al-Durayhimi increased

Video No. 7: UN sends rotten food to Al-Durayhim.

Video No. 8: Food delivery by Yemeni Air Force Mi-171sh helicopter to residents of Al-Durayhimi town

Video No. 9: Yemeni Air Force Mi-171sh helicopter returns after successfully delivering food to residents of Al-Durayhimi town and prostration of Yemeni pilot

Video No. 10: The people of Al-Durayhimi reject the offer of the members of the Red Cross to leave Al-Durayhimi and transfer to Camp Al-Khukhah

Video No. 11: Martyrdom of Al-Durayhimi residents due to hunger and consumption of terrestrial plants by the residents of this city to survive
Video No. 12: Selected scenes from the operation to defeat the siege of Durayhimi by AnsarAllah fighters. AnsarAllah also liberated the villages around the town from the control of the Saudi coalition after repelling heavy attacks by Al-Amaliqa and Tariq Saleh forces to capture al-Durayhim.
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