Latest Updates on Yemen 8 July 2018; Latest Updates on Fronts

Monday 9 July 18 - 06:55

Latest news from Al Hudaydah fronts ; Mansour Hadi’s troops attacking Ansarallah from ISIS axis! ; Summary of AnsarAllah leader speech

Attacks axes in the map: Clashes in north of Tuhayta (Qarshiya), south of Tuhayta (Zabid road) and Magahras.

Attack to west of Durayhimi repelled and Nakhilah is under control of AnsarAllah.


1- Al Hudaydah:

At the moment there are engagements in northwestern and western axes of Tuhayta.

Attacks by Emirates led troops to cut the eastern axis of Tuhayta to Zabid has not been successful.

Jabilah is in the hand of AnsarAllah and Maghras is the engagement front.


Yesterday evening, AnsarAllah fired a short-range missile to gathering point and positions of Emirates supported troops in suburbs of al-Jah and according to witnesses, it hit the target and more than 35 deaths or wounded.


Attacking to Tuhayta is while Emirates in the last several days claimed to halt the military operation to help with the negotiations and mediation by UN emissary!


2- Baydha: Mansour Hadi’s troops attacking Zi Kaleb al-Asfal region in north of Qurayshiyah.

This region is on the road of Marib-Rada`.

It is noteworthy that these regions were under influence of al Qaeda and ISIS to attack AnsarAllah and now Saudi Colaition forces entering there without any engagements with al Qaeda or ISIS.


3- Summary of Sayyid Abdul Malik al Houthi, leader of AnsarAllah latest speech:

“Sayyid Hasan Nasrollah is an inspire for all noble and freed men in terms of honesty and sincerity and a star in the sky of ethics and morality, a role model for Islamic and Human principles.

Our dear nation will not forget honest support of Hezbollah and its secretary. We thank Iraqis and all freed people of the world who support Yemeni people.

With help of Allah almighty, our heroes entered the western shore operation and are fighting against violator servants of USA (i.e. criminal government of Emirates).

After enemy’s decline of UN emissary’s plan, it is now clear that they are under support and screen of USA and Britain and are trying to fulfill demands and wishes of Zionist Regime and USA to control Red Sea, the harbors and to bring harm to our dear people.

Violator enemies who thought could finish this war in one night and easily claim all the coastal area, have been defeated. Today they are stuck in a big swamp and suffering casualties.

Situation is ready to harm violators and erode their equipment and strength by Allah’s support.” (al Alam)


4- Saudi Coalition’s drone down in Bani Harith district, Sanaa governorate by Army and AnsarAllah.

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