Latest Updates on Yemen, 2 August 2019

Saturday 3 August 2019 - 17:14

Latest updates on Aden after Ansar Allah’s attack and other frontlines

1. Aden:
– Immigrants in Aden are exiting to other northern towns. Hizam Al Amni(security belt) forces, backed by Emirates, assaulting vehicles and put watch posts in roads.
– Suicide bomb vehicle, possibly related to ISIS, attacked police station in Sheikh Othman district, left 13 dead.
2. Abyan:
– 19 dead and 7 wounded due to al Qaeda attacking Hizam Al Amni troops in Mahfad district.
This district has been battlefield between al Qaeda and Emirates led troops and is under control of Hizam Al Amni forces as of now.
3. Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson:
– In July, Saudi Coalition fighters raided more than 407 times different parts of Yemen.
– In these airraids, 98 people martyred, 33 of which children and 25 women.
– In July, 52 of enemy’s attacks were repelled and 110 attacks were performed against them.
– Our armor unit destroyed 81 tanks and vehicles.
– Missile unit performed 4 successful operations against enemies.
– Sniper unit had 1575 engagements that hit 12 Saudi and 26 Sudanese troops.
– 14 Sudanese killed and 9 wounded due to Ansar Allah’s bombing Tinah, west of Hayran.
4. Head of Captives Affairs Committee of Yemen’s Rescue Government, reported of canceled 130 captives exchange operation in Taiz.
He added that the agreement after a month of negotiation and due to unknown reasons by Saudis is delayed by the Coalition forces.
5. Hajjah:
A Zilzal-1 missile launched against Saudi Coalition in Hayran.
6. Saadah:
– 4 Zilzal-1 missiles launched against Saudi Coalition in Abwab Al Hadid, Baqem.
– Ansar Allah’s operation against Saudi Coalition near Alab border passage.
– Ansar Allah’s operation against Saudi Coalition in western Majazah.
7. Al Hudaydah:
– Violating the ceasefire in Al Hudaydah.
– Martyrdom of a child in Fallah area of Tuhayta district by Saudi-led forces.
– Raiding Zaafran village in Kilo16 area by Saudi Coalition’s 15 mortars.

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