15 December 2019
Why Muqtada Sadr Visits Iran?

Visiting Iran numerous times and Sadr’s strange activities in Qom is the highlight of these days of Iraq. Considering the bad timing for his behaviors bring up some questions.

13 December 2019
Image : Hamas 32th anniversary in the Gaza Strip

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today is the 32th anniversary of the formation of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, where the Palestinian people marched on this occasion in the Gaza Strip.

12 December 2019
Syrian War Report – December 9, 2019: Syrian Army Increasing Its Presence Along Turkish Border
10 December 2019
Video: Intrigue in al-Khalani!
10 December 2019
Unveiling Simorgh (Phoenix) Drone by Iran

ISWNews Analysis Group: In presence of Gen. Sayyari, chief of staff and Gen. Khanzadi, commander of navy, Simorgh drone is unveiled and joint Iran’s navy.

09 December 2019
Syrian War Report – December 6, 2019: Israeli Air Force Bombed ‘Iranian Targets’ Near Al-Bukamal
08 December 2019
Attacking Headquarter of Forces Close to Iran Near Al-Bukamal; From Lie to Truth

ISWNews Analysis Group: According pro-opposition media, last night unknown planes attacked near Al-Bukamal town and some of forces close to Iran were killed.

08 December 2019
Details of LNA warplane Shot Down by GNA, Photo + Footage

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday a Mig-23 warplane belonged to Libya National Army was shot down by Government of National Accord over Zawiyah town.

07 December 2019
Last Night Incidents in Iraq + Footage
07 December 2019
Breaking: Several Rockets Launched From Gaza to Zionist Towns
07 December 2019
Zarif’s Heart of Matter Told to Europeans

Mr. Zarif, Iran’s FM, criticized Europeans’ logic in a tweet

04 December 2019
The Yemeni National Resistance Collapse!

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the recent clashes between Tariq Saleh and Tihamah forces in al-Khokha, several forces of both sides killed and injured.