Yemen: Ansar Allah defeated Tariq Saleh operation in al-Durayhimi (Map Update)

Sunday 4 October 2020 - 20:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tariq Saleh and Saudi-led coalition forces heavy operation to conquer al-Durayhimi town south of al-Hudaydah city was defeated due to Ansar Allah brave defense.

According to latest updates on Al Hudaydah front, Saudi-led coalition forces under command of presidential guards led by Tariq Saleh(Ali Abdullah Saleh nephew) launched an operation three days ago against Ansar Allah positions in the besieged town which was fruitless due to Ansar Allah and popular committees defense.

In this operation, which started from axes: 1. All four directions of al-Durayhimi town, 2. Villages al-Koei and Shajan, presidential guards first occupied al-Koei village and parts of Durayhimi town but eventually, the fighters inside al-Durayhimi town repulsed the attacks, and Ansar Allah forces stationed in the south of al-Hudaydah recaptured al-Koei village and imposed heavy loss to Tariq Saleh forces.

According to Saudi-led coalition sources, in this operation more than 30 of Tariq Saleh forces killed and 70 injured. 16 AFVs and vehicles of Saudi coalition were destroyed by Ansar Allah too.

As mentioned in previous analyses, forces led by Tariq Saleh started their serious activities against Ansar Allah. Considering the situation in Marib and possibility of abolition of Sweden agreement regarding Al Hudaydah by Hadi government, it is possible Ansar Allah operation for recapturing south of Al Hudaydah and west coast.

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