Latest Updates on Yemen 9 August 2018; Retaliation in Saudis’ Style!

Friday 10 August 2018 - 07:58

“Images showing school bus of students in Yemen being attacked by Saudi Coalition warpkanes in Dhahyan city, Saada province”

1- Areal bombing of school bus and gathering of Yemeni students in Dhahyan city, Saada province by criminal and brutal warplanes of Saudi Coalition.
According to latest updates, 50 people martyred and 77 wounded. According to eyewitnesses the majority of casualties are children under 12.



2. Al Hudaydah
Engagement between AnsarAllah and people’s committee with Emirates supported troops in western and northwestern part of Durayhimi town.
Areal attacking to Zabid and Durayhimi are continuing by Saudi Coalition.
AnsarAllah fired a short range missile to position of Emirates supported forces in western coasts.
Jabilah in east of Fazah is under control of AnsarAllah and Mughras and east of Tuhayta are front lines.


3. Firing a short range missile to Marib.


4. Firing a Badr-1 missile to industrial region of Jizan.
Some sources close to the Coalition reported that missile was defeated in the sky and its parts fell on the houses. However since the spokesperson of Saudi Coalition talked about retaliation and called killing Yemeni children lawful, it seems the casualties were more to Saudis.

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