Latest Military Situation in Ukraine After 38 Days of War (Map Update)

Sunday 3 April 22 - 12:07

Russian troops have withdrawn from the Kyiv region and most of the Chernihiv region in the north. The decision was made to prevent further armored and human casualties in these areas, as well as to help achieve Russia’s other goals in the Ukraine war.

The Russian military recently issued a statement on the recent retreats on the northern fronts, saying that the retreats carried out in a controlled manner and after achieving predetermined goals. According to Russia, the main purpose of the operation on the northern axes was to keep Ukrainian forces busy to protect the capital and important cities, and now that this goal has been achieved, the main focus will be on capturing the Donbass region.

Although, the Russian military said the achievement of predetermined goals was the main reason for the withdrawal from the Kyiv and Chernihiv fronts; But the difficulty of fighting on these fronts, poor logistical support for leading armored units, poor execution of operational plans, incoordination between units of different factions, as well as heavy resistance of Ukrainian forces equipped with all types of anti-tank weapons were other important reasons for the Russian military to make such an important decision.

Following the announcement of the withdrawal from the northern fronts, the Donbas region is witnessing the sending of large military convoys of the Russian army. The Russian military is now focusing on southeastern Ukraine to achieve one of its main goals since the start of the war, namely the liberation of the Donbass region. Therefore, in the coming days, the Donbas region will witness a wider range of battles and bombings, and the Russian army will attack with greater force to maintain its reputation and reliability.

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