Operation True Promise; Which Of The Israeli Bases Targeted In The Retaliatory Missile And Drone Attack By Iran?

Sunday 14 April 2024 - 18:40

According to IWN assessments and based on the latest news stories and information obtained from the missile and drone operations of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) under the name of ‘Operation True Promise’ against the Israeli regime, the following targets have definitely been targeted:

– The Nevatim Airbase in southern occupied Palestine
– The Ramon Airbase in southern occupied Palestine
– An intelligence and espionage base of the Israeli regime in Jabal al-Sheikh (Mount Hermon) in the northern occupied Golan Heights

It should be noted that the rest of the explosions or hits in other areas of the occupied territories are related to the confrontation of the Israeli air defense systems with the projectiles in the sky or the falling of the wreckage of the interceptor missiles or the wreckage of Iranian missiles.

The map of the military and intelligence bases of the Israeli regime that were targeted by Iran’s missile and drone operations

There are several very important points about last night’s retaliatory attacks that need to be paid attention to: According to Western sources’ claims, Iran fired 185 drones, 110 ballistic missiles, and 110 cruise missiles towards the occupied territories in the attacks last night, and it is claimed that most of these missiles and drones have been intercepted; but the ground reality is different!

The first important point; Iranian missile and drone attacks took place while the Israeli regime’s air defense network was in the most prepared state possible, and all military combat information capabilities of the regime, from defense systems to fighter jets, were 100% mobilized to counter Iran’s attacks. In addition, all military capabilities of the US and its allies, such as the treacherous country of Jordan, also came to the aid of the Israeli regime. On the other hand, all attacks were carried out from the Iranian soil, and it were coordinated with other axis of resistance countries such as Iraq and Yemen to refrain from carrying out extensive missile and drone attacks; And in fact, Iran did not use the potential of the resistance in Iraq and Yemen to saturate the enemy’s defense systems! And alone, with the launch of dozens of suicide drones and cruise missiles, it saturated the defense systems of Israel and the United States. Of course, there is an exception regarding the targets hit in the northern occupied Golan Heights, where Lebanon’s Hezbollah helped to saturate the air defense systems in this area by targeting some positions of Israel in northern occupied Palestine with its attack.

The point is that most of the cruise missiles, suicide drones, and even ballistic missiles were “fired with the aim of saturating the air defense systems,” and predetermined targets were hit by a number of other ballistic missiles that passed through the Israeli regime’s defensive barrier. This method and approach are quite common in the world for dealing with air defense systems. So, do not be deceived by the lies and false propaganda of the MSM about the lack of success and interception of all missiles and drones!

The second very important point; last night’s attack “was only one wave of attack,” and the subsequent waves of breaking and destroying were not carried out! In the conventional military dimension, these types of attacks are carried out in several waves for ultimate and real effectiveness. In the final moments of last night’s attacks and as the first wave of attacks was nearing its end, the Israeli regime’s air defense systems began to experience saturation, and it was at that point that some of the ballistic missiles, by passing through the defensive barrier, hit the Nevatim and Ramon airbases. This is exactly the moment when the second, third, and subsequent waves should have been carried out for the destruction of the targets, but Iran, in the true sense of the word, “restrained” itself. The reason for this is very clear and obvious. The purpose of the “single wave” attack was to send a clear warning message to the Israeli regime, the West, and its lackeys to understand the power of Iran and to know that if the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes, it is capable of crushing its enemies and ill-wishers, and they should not mess with Iran any further!

The third important point; in last night’s attack, “none” of the powerful and advanced Iranian hypersonic missiles such as the types of Fattah 1 and 2, or the Khorramshahr missile, and so on, were used. Last night’s attacks were carried out using inexpensive and cost-effective HESA Shahed 136 drones, simple cruise missiles, and low-cost liquid-propellant Rezvan missiles, which were stored in large quantities in warehouses and remained unused for a long time. In fact, these armaments were mostly used to saturate the air defense systems, and among them, a few solid-propellant missiles like Haj Qasem and Kheibar Shekan were also used for attacking and hitting the targets. The result is that if Iran’s decision was to use more advanced missiles, with this same single wave of attack, the casualties and damage to the Israeli regime would have been much greater than what we witnessed last night. 

When it comes to the financial burden and staggering costs that Israel has incurred, there are also very important points to consider. You can pay attention to the estimated figures for last night’s operations. Quoting FieldMarshal, an independent analyst of Iranian defense and industrial technologies, the approximate cost to Iran for carrying out last night’s attacks is estimated as follows: 110 ballistic missiles: $30-50 million, 45 cruise missiles: $4-7 million, and 170 Shahed drones: $4-5 million, totaling approximately $38-62 million for Iran.
On the other hand, however, the Israeli costs will be staggering: Considering an estimated number of 300-400 aircraft that were likely in operation for 4-10 hours, with an average hourly cost of $30,000 to $40,000, the cost would be $50-160 million. The cost of intercepting cruise missiles and suicide drones: $100-150 million, and the cost of intercepting ballistic missiles: $500-700 million. Taking into account the estimated damage caused by the ballistic missiles, somewhere between $100 million to $500 million, the Israeli regime has incurred a total of $750 million in the most pessimistic scenario, or $1.5 billion in the most optimistic scenario!

This amount of staggering cost “just for enduring one night of attack only for repelling one wave of attack” translates into the complete economic collapse of the Zionists. If the battles continue for just a few days, the economy of the Israeli regime will be completely paralyzed and destroyed! This is another clear and obvious example that the Zionists do not have the capability to engage in long-term warfare, or better yet, even short-term warfare with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that is why they are extremely concerned about responding to Iran’s last night attacks.

The fourth important point; as mentioned, Iran did not at all utilize the potential of other Axis of Resistance countries for extensive missile and drone attacks against the Zionist regime’s child-killing regime or to saturate its air defense systems in last night’s attack, and Iran alone carried out the operation. Now, imagine if attacks were carried out simultaneously and extensively from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, and if Iran also entered the battlefield with a large number of missiles and drones in several waves of attacks; even the thought of this scenario is debilitating and very painful for the Israeli regime. In any case, this stage has currently come to an end to see what would happen later and for a rainy day!

Ultimately, all the last night events conveyed several important messages to Israel and the West; the Israeli regime must understand that even if the entire West mobilizes all its defense capabilities to defend the despicable Zionist regime, Iran’s hand is still open for any retaliatory operation, and whenever it wills, it can accurately and intensely hit the targets and punish the Israeli regime for its crimes. The “military objective” of last night’s operation was the attack on the most important airbase of the Israeli regime, namely the Nevatim airbase near the Dimona nuclear facility!! was successfully carried out despite the presence of the most concentrated defense systems in the world, and the pre-determined airbase was hit. The Israelis must know that every point of the Israeli regime’s entity is under Iran’s control and strike, and the bluster and threats against Iran never go unanswered…

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