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14 January 2023

Ajnad al-Kavkaz; from Chechnya to Syria and Ukraine

Ajnad al-Kavkaz (Soldiers of the Caucasus) is the name of a Chechnyan and Caucasian armed group, whose terrorists have been recently dispatched to the war against Russians in the Ukrainian fronts. The Ajnad al-Kavkaz is one of the subdivisions of the al-Qaeda terrorist group, and its militants have a background of contributing to conflicts in Chechnya and Syria.

28 January 2022

Audience Question: Who are the Giant Brigades?

The Giant Brigades (Arabic: العمالقة, Al-Amaliqah) are among the old Yemeni militia groups that have been organized under the command of the Saudi coalition since 2017 and are taking part in the Yemeni war.

22 December 2021

Saudi Arabia and expensive Patriot systems!

Saudi Arabia’s Patriot missile systems is running out of the ammunition due to widespread Ansar Allah drone and missile strikes, and Saudi Arabia is now urgently appealing to the U.S. and its Persian Gulf and European allies for a resupply.

29 October 2021

Mali War, Friends and Foes + Map

Investigation of groups involved in the Mali war, from the Mali government to the Azawad movement and supporters of al-Qaeda and ISIS

4 June 2021

Map: Turkish Bases on Iraqi Soil

The history of the Turkish army entering northern Iraq dates back to 1982 and the agreement between the two countries. The agreement allows Turkey to enter a depth of 20 km in northern Iraq.

31 March 2021

What is Raba’ Allah group?

Raba’ Allah is a group which introduced themselves as a youth popular Hussaini movement and announced their redlines as Marja and Hashad Sha’abi.

20 December 2020

Answering Key Questions about Yemen War – Part Seven

Answering questions regarding the Iranian ambassador in Yemen, possibilities of putting Ansar Allah in terrorist list by U.S, the impact of the Iran-West regional talks on Yemen, and continuation of dividing Yemen in al-Mahrah province.

16 August 2020

Harakat Muhajirin Ahl Sunnat Iran

Harakat Muhajirin Ahl Sunnat Iran is a Salafi terrorist group from Iranian formed in Syria which fights against the Syrian government and its allies.