The Iranian Flood In The Name Of Al-Aqsa

Tuesday 14 May 2024 - 12:02

The middle of April 2024 turned out to be a new turning point in the history of mankind and especially in the context of the Middle East. First, it was October 7, 2023, when the Palestinians showed the fragility of the Zionist essence, now the Iranians easily broke through the air defenses of the “radical cosmopolitans.” Officially, Iranian missiles and drones were the answer for the murder of IRGC representatives inside the Iranian consulate in Damascus. But all observers on both sides of the conflict understand that Tehran’s actions are part of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Readers can find out about the material damage of the Zionists here. The tactical nuances of the Iranian attack are no less interesting. Here is what the analyst writes under the pseudonym “Fadi Quran“:

”My analysis is that the scale of Iran’s attack, the diversity of locations it targeted, and weapons it used, forced Israel to uncover the majority of anti-missile technologies the US and it have across the region. The Iranians did not use any weapons Israel didn’t know it had, it just used a lot of them. But the Iranians likely now have almost a full map of what Israel’s missile defense system looks like, as well as where in Jordan and the Persian Gulf the US has installations. It also knows how long it takes to prepare them, how Israeli society responds…etc.”.

Words on the image: It will shine forever…

It is necessary to indicate the reaction from the enemy camp. Thus, the Americans note the presence of advanced weapons in the Islamic Republic and the successful effectiveness of tactical maneuvers. As for the Zionists, they immediately imposed censorship, which resulted in a ban on the publication of any information about the bombed air bases in Nevatim and the Negev. Nevertheless, there are rumors among the Zionists about victims from among Mossad employees. It is important to note here that the split that formed inside the cabinet of terrorist Netanyahu in connection with the Hamas operation on October 7 has acquired even more pronounced features.

The terrorist Likud government simply does not know what to do and is facing many problems both inside and outside the “entity”, and the Iranian military response has further aggravated Netanyahu’s situation.

The Americans, in terms of protecting the Zionists, limited themselves to show-off and imitation, Biden’s move was taken as a demonstration of dissatisfaction with Netanyahu’s behavior, the UN, which was assembled in connection with Zionist hysteria and did not come to any consensus at all, since even the most ardent friends of the Zionists understand that it is “militant Likudniks and Talmudic extremists” who want to expand the horizons of the war beyond the borders of occupied Palestine, which cannot be allowed. The opposition to the Likud has gained additional motivation to put pressure on the ruling coalition of Zionist education. In short, the end of Netanyahu and his fanatical henchmen in the person of Ben Gvir and Smotrich is near.

Saleh Koushki’s artwork – “The True Promise”

In conclusion, two conclusions should be drawn.

1. The global West, led by the Anglo-Saxons, has finally changed the priorities of foreign policy. Now the focus of the US and Europe is on Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Asia. The Zionist colony has become a burden that the West will definitely get rid of. Washington will continue to try to imitate support for the Zionists, but every year military-political cooperation will weaken.

2 – Iran’s regional role is increasing every day, without the Islamic Republic it is difficult to resolve at least some issue even in North Africa, and in this regard, the scales will gradually tilt in favor of the Axis of Resistance, which will force the Zionists and their puppets to capitulate or decide to start a “big war”, which in turn It will untie Tehran’s hands in relation to the occupiers and their lackeys. The collapse of the Zionist entity is not far off, time will tell what the surrender of the enemy will look like. Will it be a series of Palestinian operations that will disable the Zionist economy, or coordinated actions by all members of the Axis of Resistance?

The Likud Military Cabinet is already thinking how to defend itself against the above possible attacks, but the wisdom says: “The greatest enemy will hide where you last look” – Julius Caesar. I do not want to make it easier for the Zionists to find these very enemies, I will only write that the Great Silk Road is already close, the Intermarium is a reality, and the Hashemite hypocrites will soon be killed.

Written by Damir Nazarov 

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