Latest Military Developments Of Gaza And Northern Palestine, 15 October 2023 (Map)

Sunday 15 October 2023 - 23:18

On the ninth day of the fighting, Palestinian fighters attacked positions of the Israeli army in the Nir Am area near Sderot. This news was confirmed by the Hebrew media. The Israeli media reported the occurrence of an armed conflict between the Palestinian resistance forces and the Israeli military in Nir Am.

This type of offensive attacks by the resistance fighters against the Zionists, which has been repeated several times in recent days in different axes and conflict zones, is aimed at disrupting the Israeli concentration and opening a new line or front.

It is likely that with the increase of speculations about the imminent start of Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, the attacks of Palestinian resistance groups in the occupied territories will also increase.

Palestinian attacks on Nir Am area – click to view full size

On the 9th day, like the previous day, there was no special and significant conflict in other lines of the Gaza Strip. The movements of the Israeli army’s ground forces around the Gaza Strip are currently still defensive.

On this day, rocket attacks by Palestinian forces against Israeli areas and towns continued. But compared to the previous days, the intensity of rocket attacks has decreased. In one of these attacks, the resistance forces targeted the city of Haifa with more than 30 rockets.

According to some reports, the US has asked the Israeli regime to delay the start of ground operations in Gaza for a few days. It should also be noted that tonight’s meeting of the Israeli regime’s cabinet, which was supposed to be held at 20:30 local time, was canceled.

On the other hand, the heavy bombing of various areas of Gaza and the destruction of buildings and infrastructure facilities in the Gaza Strip continue. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, the number of martyrs in Gaza has increased to 2,670 and the number of wounded has reached more than 9,600.

On the ninth day of the battles, unlike the southern front, the conflicts on the northern front have increased significantly. Since this morning, the border areas of Lebanon and occupied Palestine have witnessed intense artillery clashes and missile and air attacks, and each side has targeted each other’s positions on several occasions.

At noon today, Palestinian groups fired several rockets from the south of Lebanon towards the Israeli occupation in Nahariya and other settlements in the West Galilee region in the north of occupied Palestine.

During the battles of this day, the Lebanese Hezbollah targeted two Merkava tanks and an Israeli personnel carrier in the Hanita region using an anti-tank guided missiles. According to Hezbollah’s announcement, several Zionist soldiers were killed and wounded in this attack. Also, in another battle, Hezbollah forces targeted the Israeli border base called Raheb with ATGM missiles and artillery near the town of Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon. Also, images were published by the resistance-oriented media claiming that the Hezbollah flag was raised in this base.

Israeli border post near Ayta ash Shab

One of the highlights in the northern front is the increase of casualties of Israeli forces. With the increase of tensions in this region, the number of Israeli dead and wounded is also increasing. Yoav Zeitoun, an Israeli journalist, recently said in this regard: “The fifth Israeli soldier was killed by Hezbollah in less than a week on the northern borders; This issue may lead to war, but the army is responding in a balanced way so as not to escalate the situation on the northern border.”

According to the comments of Israeli reporters and media, as well as the way the Israeli regime operates in this front, it seems that the Israeli regime is afraid of the activation of a new broad and comprehensive war front in northern Palestine And tries to avoid increasing tensions as much as possible by giving limited and measured answers.

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Latest military situation in the Gaza region – click to view full size map
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