Israel Or Palestinian Resistance; Who Is Responsible For Air Strike On Al-Ahli Arab Hospital?

Thursday 19 October 2023 - 00:24

Checking of videos and images published by local sources and social media platforms prove that at the same time when the Palestinian resistance groups were conducting rocket attacks on occupied territories of Palestine on Tuesday night, Israeli fighter jets carried out air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israelis’ attacks also include Al-Ahli Arab (Al-Mamadani) Hospital, but the Israeli authorities have spent the past 24 hours attempting to clear their tracks in this crime by using media tools and casting doubt on their role in this heinous war crime! In this article, we examine evidence that proves this attack was carried out by the Israeli regime.

The released video of the moment of targeting Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza shows that at the same time as this attack, Palestinian resistance forces were also carrying out rocket attacks on occupied lands.

Moments before the explosion in al-Ma’madani hospital and the releasing of flares by an Israeli fighter jet in the sky of Gaza

The simultaneous rocket attacks by the resistance and Israel’s aerial attack on Al-Ahli Arab Hospital have prompted Zionist media outlets and officials to portray themselves as innocent in this war crime and attribute the reasons for this fatal incident to the misfiring of rockets launched by the Palestinian resistance group Al-Quds Brigades, which is the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, and their accidental hitting of the hospital.

In the above video, it is clear that “exactly” at the same time as the rockets were fired by the Palestinian resistance groups, an Israeli fighter jet, using a flare system, leaves the air space of the Gaza Strip by lighting up its afterburner.

The Palestinian rocket attack was carried out in a direction that would not harm residential areas of the Gaza city and its vital points. The explosion of the hospital occurred in the opposite direction of the resistance rockets’ firing, and this “fact” was clearly obvious in the video and does not require any further interpretation.

At the moment of firing rockets in the sky of Gaza, we see an Israeli fighter jet flaring up, and at the same time, a large explosion occurs. The timing of the explosion and flare indicates that the Israeli fighter jet was taking off and taking necessary security measures to escape from a possible attack by a thermal missile after dropping the bomb.

Another explosion can also be seen in the video, which is very small and further away from the camera in comparison to the first blast. Based on the fact that the Palestinian resistance movement did not launch another rocket in the second moment, it is unlikely that Palestinian groups’ rockets could misfire, and the claim about Palestinians’ rocket misfiring is rejected. Therefore, it is clear that this explosion is the result of another attack.

Another very important point is a video showing the hospital compound after the attack and explosion. According to the video showing the hospital compound and its parking lot, there is not any crater resulting from the impact of a heavy missile or rocket can be seen. This is the point that Western media resort to it in order to claim that the attack was carried out by low-power Palestinian rockets.

Inside the courtyard of Al-Mamadani Hospital and the place where the attack took place

But the point is that due to the changes that have taken place in the environmental structure, it can be said that the explosion was carried out at an altitude above ground level and with a high volume, which seems to have been aimed at causing maximum human casualties. Given the extensive burning effects in that area, it is very likely that the ammunition used in this attack was of the Airburst type, which is not available to Palestinian resistance groups; moreover, the rockets of Al-Qassam Brigades and al-Quds Brigades do not have the capability of carrying this level of explosive material.

According to the published picture of the collision site, the soil of the collision hole is not burnt. This strengthens the hypothesis that the bomb exploded before hitting the ground. This hole is probably the remains of the initial part of the airbrust bomb that hit the ground.

To clarify how this type of bomb works, pay attention to the video below. The video below shows how a Mark 84 bomb with a GBU-32 JDAM kit explodes at a height of 10 meters above the ground.

Therefore, when we consider: 1- Clear evidence of a fighter jet’s presence in the area at the time of the explosion and its maneuver to escape after dropping the bomb; 2- Examination of the situation of the attacked area and existing field evidence, these two strong arguments show that the attack was carried out by the Israeli army.

However, the story becomes more interesting when after hours of various speculations and dissemination of conflicting news stories, spokesman for the Israeli regime’s army Daniel Hagari announced on Wednesday morning that the Israeli army only bombed the hospital parking lot, but no damage was done to the hospital building itself! This statement and confession alone confirm the above explanations and proves that the airstrike was carried out by the Israeli regime.

Confession of the spokesman of the Zionist army to the bombing of the hospital

The image below is a view from above of the hospital area; The burn marks on the roof of the cars, the damage to the roof and the lack of high destruction of the environment once again indicate the use of airbrust bombs, which are mostly used to injure people and cause more human casualties. Daniel Hagari, the spokesman of the Israeli army, also admitted this morning that the fighter jets of this regime bombed the parking lot of the hospital, but there was no damage to the hospital building. The photo below shows exactly this facts.

And finally, another video that proves all the things presented above in the field. The location of the explosion, the way the explosion affects the environment, the range of the explosion, the bending of the roofs of the cars inward due to the explosion from above, etc., all indicate the explosion by Israeli airbrust ammunition!

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Geo location of al-Mamadani Hospital in Gaza City – click to view full size
The moment when the Zionist fighter jets targeted the al-Ma’amdani hospital in Gaza
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