Leader Of Ansar Allah Urges Arab States To Abandon US, Israel To Avoid Being Involved In Direct Conflict With Yemen

Friday 22 December 2023 - 13:02

After recent developments and the announcement of the formation of a US-led naval coalition against Yemen, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen delivered an important speech regarding this issue and 75 days of the Israeli regime’s military aggression against the Gaza Strip. Important parts of the speech by Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi are as follows.

It has been 75 days since the Zionist-Jewish-Israeli enemy continued its aggressions against the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and committed the most heinous crimes. The Zionist enemy targets the people of Palestine with all the tools of brutal slaughter, hunger, siege, and prevention of the delivery of food and medicine. Countries at war usually declare strategic and military bases as their targets, while the Israeli enemy shamelessly declares all hospitals as its targets.

The Israeli enemy targeted all patients, the wounded, and medical staff in Gaza hospitals, and this was the only achievement it could be proud of. The Israeli enemy targeted refugee camps even in UN-supported schools. The Israeli enemy continues its savagery and when it is defeated in the battlefield, it resorts to indiscriminate bombing of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The hunger situation in Gaza has reached a point where deaths from starvation have been recorded, and access to medicine has been completely prevented in the very heinous crime. The targets of the Zionists even include premature infants hospitalized in hospital care units, which is a testament to the reality of Jewish Zionists.

The American authorities have been involved in all the crimes of the Zionists from the very beginning. They sent their military experts to manage and plan, and provided the Zionists with thousands of destructive bombs and internationally banned weapons. Americans provided financial support for military operations and sent spy drones to provide information. Americans warned all countries in the region to avoid any cooperation with the people of Palestine so that they could massacre the people in Gaza without protest.

When we see the heartbreaking scenes of thousands of children and women killed by US-made bombs and the severe hunger situation, we must remember the United States’ role in all of this. The US plays the role of the other arm of international Jewish Zionism that the US president has proudly honored and declared his dependence on. Those who support Israel in the US are American Zionists, and the Jewish Zionist lobby controls the US based on its own interests.

Americans turned their bases in the region into a stronghold for the Zionist enemy and used all their weapons depots, even in Arab countries, to support the Israelis. Any ceasefire resolution in the United Nations is protested by the US and it emphasizes the continuation of the massacre and crime in Gaza.

England, which was at the forefront of the establishment of the Zionist regime from the beginning, continues to support the Zionist enemy today. We are also witnessing the movements of some European countries, including France, Italy, and Germany, in support of the Zionists, each of which has a dark history and a heinous criminal record. Regimes and governments support the enemy that have a dark and notorious history are known for moral bankruptcy, who have removed ethics and values from their political vocabulary.

But responsibility of the Islamic world is a great obligation, and today it is up to all Muslims who consider Palestine as part of their lands geographically. Today, it is the duty of Muslims to take a serious, practical, and effective position in support of the people of Palestine with a sincere approach.

Certain Arab countries have cut off their relations with Western countries due to using a word in their behavior or insulting a king or prince. But we see their complete indifference to important issues of the Islamic Ummah such as oppression of the people of Palestine. These countries have reached a point where they are busy with dancing, singing, dog competitions, and very funny things and ignore the great massacres in Palestine.

Sometimes, ugly voices from Arab countries appear to criticize the people of Palestine and their resistance fighters and insult anyone who supports them. Arab countries not only shirked their responsibility to support the people of Palestine, but also betrayed them and the Palestinian resistance fighters, insulted them, and distorted any support for them.

The duty of Muslims towards Palestine is a serious position and comprehensive material and military support for the people of Palestine, and this is their duty. If Americans and Europeans have come from the end of the world to cooperate with the oppressive occupying regime, why don’t our nations support the oppressed people of Palestine? The axis of resistance is active at various levels of military, media, and popular support and holding rallies, while in some Arab countries, even demonstrations were prohibited!

Was there any scientific movement in the work of those who issued a decree for jihad during the war in Syria or the attack on the people of Yemen, Iraq, and others? Where are the voices of scholars who issue decrees to support the people of Palestine? What justifies silence, ignoring, and even criticizing the people of Palestine and their resistance fighters?

We have made explicit requests to countries that have geographically separated us from Palestine to open land crossings so that hundreds of thousands of our people can go to Palestine. Our people continue to help the people of Palestine with their financial assistance despite very difficult living conditions because we are essentially a besieged people and still in a state of war. Our political and media position is clear, and all our media fronts have prioritized support for the people of Palestine and their resistance fighters.

Compare our media with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and other mercenaries, and the simplest comparison shows a huge difference in the amount of support for the ideal of Palestine. Every Friday millions of our people come out and pour onto the streets, shouting against the arrogant powers. The popular movement in our country may be unique in the Arab and Islamic world and even in other parts of the world.

Four countries, including Arab countries and their military forces, are trying to prevent our drones and missiles from reaching their targets in addition to supporting the enemy. Unfortunately, some Arab countries are alongside the Zionist enemy instead of moving to protect the people of Palestine and even use their military power to protect them against Yemeni missiles. We are looking to develop our military capabilities to overcome obstacles and do bigger things to support Palestine. Our target is the Israeli enemy, and we have not targeted any other country, and we were patient against the tracking operations of some Arab countries.

Some ignorant and despicable people ridiculed our people’s positions in the naval war until the Zionist enemy became angry and shouted that these attacks had affected their economy. The battlefield is open for the movement of commercial ships in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and hundreds of ships continue to move. Our acts do not target international ships, our goal is exclusively Israeli or Israel-bound ships, or those that go to the occupied ports of Palestine and provide supplies to the Zionist enemy.

The one who threatens all countries’ navies is the US, which serves Israel. Anyone who goes in line with Americans and engages in protecting Israeli ships knows that they provide exclusive services to Israel and harm international navigation. The Red Sea coastal countries should take a clear position against the US, which violates their rights and threatens their security and stability. I recommend that all countries that are with Americans do not engage themselves, do not sacrifice their interests, and do not lose the security of their ships in the service of the Zionists.

The recent action of the United States will not deter us from our firm, principled, and ethical position in supporting the people of Palestine. The US movement is not new, they have been moving their warships, aircraft carriers, and all their capabilities since day one, but now they are looking to engage with others in this war. If the Americans are inclined to intensify the war and do any foolishness with the aim of targeting our country or starting a war against Yemen, we will not remain idle. Any US attack on our country will be answered, and we will target their warships and US interests with our missiles, drones, and military operations.

We are not the ones who will take action after the enemy’s attack, we are the people who reject oppression, rely on God, and are not afraid of US threats and direct attacks. We are not among those who surrender to the threat of direct war with the United States. The US has mobilized regional countries to fight us, mobilized Takfiri militants to engage us, and committed the most heinous crimes against our people. We have been affected by the wars that the Americans have launched against us through their agents in the region. What we most wanted and hoped for from the beginning was a direct war between us and the Americans and Israelis, not through their agents.

We ask all Arab countries to be aware, be watchful, and abandon the Americans and Israelis in order to avoid being involved in a direct war with us. We ask Arab countries to abandon us in a direct war against the Israeli and American enemy, if they want to dance, they can dance, but they should not have military and financial cooperation with them. If the Arabs want to clap for the Americans, they can clap, and if they want to dance on the bodies of the victims, they can dance, but they should not participate in the war against us along with the Americans.

When the Americans want to enter into a direct war with us, we make it clear to them that we are not among those who are afraid of them, and we are facing them with a united nation, not a special group. If the Americans send their soldiers to Yemen, let them know that, God willing, they will face a harder situation than what they faced in Afghanistan and suffered in Vietnam. The Americans think they can start a direct war with us, but they will face a united nation that is not afraid of them.

The job that the US is currently doing something that is a “loss” because it fires a missile worth two million dollars to counter a two-thousand-dollar drone.

We rely on God and trust in Him. He is the Lord of the worlds, and we support the oppressed. We have embarked on supporting the truth as a manifestation of God’s command and His true promise. Thank God we have the power to confront the enemy and we stand firm against constant attacks. Our people have stood up to massive invasions for 9 years. We hope that the Islamic world will reconsider its calculations regarding the continued oppression and injustice of the US and Israel against Gaza and adopt stronger positions than what they take now.

We say to the people of Palestine and the triumphant resistance fighters of Gaza that you are not alone, God is with you, and He is the best supporter, and the people of Yemen are also with you in whatever they can. I address my dear people and ask them to continue all activities in our country and be prepared for all possibilities. Our people will not retreat from their position due to threats, intimidation, and pressure.

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