Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!

Sunday 24 May 2020 - 20:38

Tomorrow will be another Eid but for Venezuela; because the first shipment of Iranian gasoline and Alkylat will arrive in Venezuela and will irrigating 1,800 hungry Venezuelan gas stations, and the sanctioned Venezuelan oil industry will be revived.

Many people ask Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!
The answer is that gasoline produced by Venezuela, has low octane, because most of alkylation units are out of order; and the oil companies are refusing to provide oil services and products to the Venezuelan oil industry, because of US sanctions; and oil refineries in Venezuela have been practically stopped. Although the Venezuela is considered as a oil exporter country, but in the past, most of the material that are needed for producing Venezuela’s crude oil, was supplying by the American companies…

It’s interesting to know that now, because of US heavy oil and financial sanctions that have led to cutting off Venezuela access to the America oil market and even the US financial system; Currently, only about 10 percent of 1.3 million barrels per day are exploited for Venezuela, because of refineries stopping.
But the receiving of Iranian oil products and alkylate and also the equipment of catalysts and the spare parts that were recently exported to Venezuela by Iran, will help this country to launch its refineries with more power; and by increasing octane, will increase the its produced fuel quality, and also the heavy shipment of gasoline that is sent to Venezuela, will meet this country needs for a good while.

Regarding to financial sanctions, also you should know the US has blocked all of Venezuelan financial accounts, and has given the control of Venezuelan bank accounts in US to the illegitimate self-proclaimed president and its puppet Juan Guaido, unlike the international laws. On the other hand, the European banks like always have followed US policy and blocked Venezuela financial transactions.
So, due to the lack of access of the Venezuela to its accounts, Swift or any other financial payment system, this country can’t buy in any way, and even if this be done, the US will give the transactions to Juan Guaido.

Therefore, the only country that can help Venezuela and itself also is under sanctions, is Iran. Because in such a deal, the financial transactions between the two countries aren’t necessary, and US sanctions have practically no effect on this operation. Only, this action requires a great deal of “braveness and dignity,” that there is abundantly among Iranians! And now, you see a win-win deal that in it, Iran received significant amounts of gold and were sent oil products and some equipment to Venezuela.

Keep in mind, that the Venezuelan sanction and sending Iran’s oil aids, will be the start of a series of important events that will slowly hunt the US!

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