Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela! To reach or not to reach that is the question!

Saturday 16 May 2020 - 21:07

Iranian tankers are slowly heading for Venezuela and US terrorist navy sent some warships to Caribbean Sea to stop them.

Tankers Forest, Fortune and Petunia have crossed Gibraltar, Faxon is near Gibraltar and Clavel is in the middle of Mediterranean.
If nothing happens, the first Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela on May 25.

The decisive move of Iranian tankers to sail with Iran’s flag while Iran is under severe sanctions by USA specifically the oil sanctions and Venezuela is under oil sanction by USA since last year.

There are numerous guesses regarding the future of this move, but we are not going to predict it. We only give three possible scenarios:
1. The ships will reach their destination safe and sound!
2. The US will seize the ships and Iran will do nothing!!
3. The US will seize the ships and Iran will do things!!!

In case 1, US hegemony and figure as superpower is shattered and it is proved that USA is at its nadir of power since second world war. This can be start of bad incidents happening to USA like dominos.

In case 2, Iran has played empty handed and become at weak in the region and internationally. It has consequences for Iran.

In case 3, the answer can be different, for example similar to detaining the British ship “Stena Impero” in Persian Gulf or even at higher level up to an extensive war.

We wait and see, however God is above everyone.

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