Latest Updates on Kashmir, 20 June 2020

Sunday 21 June 2020 - 09:28

Latest news of clashes between Indian troops and Kashmiri militants

1. In conflict between Indian soldiers and Kashmiri militia in BanPawa Imam Sahib village of Shopian area, four militants killed.
More than 20 militants killed in this area in the last month.

2. Conflict between Indian soldiers and Kashmiri militants in Mij and Pampura areas, northern outskirts of Pulwama. One militant in Mij area and two in Pampura area were killed.

3. In the conflicts of last two weeks in areas Shopian and Pulwama, south of Kashmir, 32 militants killed.

4. Conflict at border of China and India
– In conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Galwan valley, Ladakh border, 96 Indian soldiers injured, no accurate news of death toll.
– Indian media claimed to kill 43 Chinese soldiers.
– In China-India talk 10 arrested Indian soldiers were released.

5. India shot down a Pakistan drone over Hirangar area, Katwa town.

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