Myanmar Security Forces Killed About 100 Rohingya Muslims – Reports

Tuesday 29 August 2017 - 20:56

Since Friday, Myanmar soldiers have reportedly killed a large number of Rohingya Muslims under a pretext of responding to attacks against the country’s border posts.

Hundreds of Rohingya villagers fled from Rakhine province in northwestern Myanmar to Bangladish borders since the violence intensified.

According to Bangladesh border guards, Myanmar security forces opened fire against hundreds of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Rakhine area and taking refuge in the border highlands.

At least 100 people lost their lives, according to reports.

There are still no confirmed reports about the possible casualties because the media is not allowed in the area.

Rohingya Muslims are a core of the militant group named “the Rohingya Freedom Army” (Harakat Al-Yaqin) which is responsible for the recent attacks against Myanmar government forces. The attacks resulted in the death of about 70 soldiers.

The deployment of forces and military equipmet to north and west Myanmar indicate a high intensity of the clashes.

Noor al Islam, head of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation based in London said that an independent commission should be set up to examine the killing of Muslims in Myanmar, as well as to implement recommendations of the UN in the area.
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