The disaster in Myanmar marks the death of Nobel Peace Prize!

Tuesday 12 September 2017 - 17:05

At the beginning of his Dars-e-Kharej this morning, Imam Khamenei stated:
Perpetrators of the Myanmar genocide are in its government led by a cruel woman who happens to be a Noble Peace Prize laureate!

The disaster in Myanmar is a political issue, demoting it to a religious conflict between Muslims and Buddhists is wrong. Brutal Myanmar government is enabling a tragedy before eyes of Islamic governments, international community and sham governments who claim to support Human Rights.

Sham Human Rights groups fuss over punishment of a convicted felon in a country, do nothing for massacre and displacement of thousands in Myanmar.

Solution to Myanmar’s problem is that Islamic governments take action. Urgent session at OIC to discuss Myanmar’s disaster is essential. Taking action doesn’t mean sending troops. It means increase political, economic pressure on Myanmar government and speak out against its crimes.

Iran should continue to take pride in speaking out against oppression anywhere in the world, be it Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain or Myanmar.

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