14 July 2020
Video: First Footage of Car Bomb Attack On Turkish-Russian Convoy In Syria’s Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: On July 14, a VBIED exploded on the way of a joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the M4 highway near Ariha in southern Idlib.

14 July 2020
Video: IED attack on the Russian-Turkish joint patrol

ISWNews Analysis Group: On July 14, at least 3 Russian soldiers were injured in a large explosion of an IED on the way of the Russian-Turkish patrol at the entrance of Ariha city on the M4 highway in Syria’s southern Idlib.

12 July 2020
Video: Egypt’s big drill “Decisive 2020”

Following the escalation of tensions in Libya and the increase of the Turkish military presence in the country, the Egyptian army held a “decisive 2020” military drill in response to the Turkish military drill and announced full readiness to enter the Libyan war directly.

06 July 2020
Video: Attack on US military equipment in Baghdad

Saraya al-Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah released a video of a night attack on a vehicle carrying US military equipment on July 2, at Jissr Diyali, Baghdad.

02 July 2020
Video: Summary of Ansar Allah recent operation in north of Baydha and south of Marib

In this video a summary of Ansar Allah operation in Radman district in north of Baydha province and part of districts Maheliya and Abdiyah in south of Marib province which were liberated between June 17 and 20 is shown.

01 July 2020
Video: F-16 Crashes At Shaw Air Force Base In South Carolina

ISWNews Analysis Group: A US F-16CM Falcon assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw Air Force Base, S.Carolina crashed at approximately 23.30 on June 30, 2020.

28 June 2020
Video: Man dies in shooting at Louisville protest over Breonna Taylor killing

ISWNews Analysis Group: At least one person has been killed and several others wounded in an armed attack by Trump supporters on a rally in Louisville Park.

15 June 2020
Video : Turkish Air Strikes on North of Iraq

The footage shows air strikes by Turkish warplanes (F-16) and drones (Bayraktar TB2) launched last night against PKK in north of Iraq.

11 June 2020
Video: “Saraya Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah” new attacks to USA in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Group Saraya Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah released details of their recent two attacks to Americans.

02 June 2020
Video: Unprecedented Protest in US!

Cruel death of George Floyd on 25 May in Minneapolis by American corrupt police, once again opened the deep racism wound in the US and set the country ablaze. Now the US is on Fire!

01 June 2020
Anonymous returns: Hacker group targets police, Trump administration + Video

In recent hours a video from the Anonymous hacktivists group was published in social media and is being circulated which in that Anonymous threats the Minneapolis police with exposing their crimes to the people of the world.

28 May 2020
Video: Blast en route Turkish army convoy in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to high explosive blast en route Turkish army forces on M4 highway in Idlib a Turkish soldier killed and several others injured.