05 January 2020
Video: Protests of angry Kashmir people due to martyrdom of General Soleimani and its companions

Kashmir people in an spontaneous act came to streets and asked revenge for the blood of martyrs. Can Trump and his terrorist army even think of confronting these people?

05 January 2020
Video: Millions of People Poured into Mashhad Streets to Farewell their Beloved Commanders

Trump and its US terrorist Army can even think about confronting this people?!

05 January 2020
Video: Khuzestan people gather for Soleimani and his companions funeral in Ahvaz

Massive crowds of mourners have gathered for a farewell procession dedicated to Quds Force commander Major General Qassem Soleimani, who was martyred in US drone strike in Iraq earlier this week.

04 January 2020
Video: Hadi al-Amiri’s last words to Al-Muhandis

Ameri: O comrade of the road! We’ve been together for more than 40 years. Rest assured that we will continue your path to full US expulsion from Iraq.

04 January 2020
Video: Angry people of Iran demands the Sever Revenge from US terrorist Army

Angry people in Hamidiyah in southern Iran gathered and demands the leader of Iran to order “Jihad Fatwa” to fight and attacks the US terrorists in the region.
Severe Revenge is near!

02 January 2020
Video: Shooting Down Saudi Coalition “Karayel” Drone

Ansar Allah released the footage of Turkish-made drone Karayel shot down over the Salif area in Al Hudadyah.

01 January 2020
Video: Firing teargas on protesters, US embassy this morning
01 January 2020
Video: The moment that Ansar Allah shot down a Turkish-made drone over Al-Hudadyah

On December 30, 2019, Ansar Allah shot down a “Karayel” UAV, a Saudi coalition spy drone in the sky of al-Salif district in al-Hudaydah.

01 January 2020
Video: US forces Reached to US embassy

Last night, the United States sent about 100 of its terrorist forces from Kuwait to Baghdad to support the US embassy. The video shows the arrival of troops inside the embassy.

31 December 2019
Video: Oman after Sultan Qaboos
31 December 2019
Video: Iraqi angry protesters breaking the door of the US embassy in Baghdad

ISWNews Analysis Group: On Dec 29, the US warplanes attacked the positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces in a blatant crime, killing 27 PMU forces. Since then, the wave of protests against the US occupation of Iraq has intensified.

24 December 2019
Turkish Observation Post in al-Surman or A Base for Terrorists?! + Video

Turkish Army in close contact with terrorist groups in Idlib province turned the observation posts into safe place for terrorists which is against the Astana agreement and application of the observation posts.