26 April 2020
Video: Saudi coalition forces retreated from Aden central bank

ISWNews Analysis Group: After the central bank of Aden was surrounded by Southerners, today evening Saudi coalition forces retreated from it.

25 April 2020
Exclusive Video of Iran’s Recent Satellite Launch With “Qased” SLV (Includes New Footage)

ISWNews Analysis Group: On April 22, 2020, Iran’s IRGC successfully launched and injected the “Noor” satellite in 425-Km orbit by “Qased” Satellite Launch Vehicle.

24 April 2020
Meeting between Kataib Hezbollah delegates and Mustafa al Khadimi

ISWNews Analysis Group: Kataib Hezbollah said in a statement to follow up on the case and convicting people related to “al-Nasr Martyrs” assassination in meeting with Mustafa al Khadimi.

22 April 2020
Video: GNA’s airstrikes against the Libyan National Army

The video is about the airstrikes by the Government of National Accord forces against the Libyan National Army in cities of Sabratha and Surman.

22 April 2020
Video: The first published footage from the moment of launching the Nour satellite by Qased satellite carrier

This morning (Wednesday, April 22) the “Nour” satellite was launched successfully from the three staged “Qased” satellite carrier and reached the orbit of 425 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

19 April 2020
Syrian War Report: US-trained Militants Surrender To Syrian Army; Israel Tries To Assassinate Hezbollah Commanders
19 April 2020
Video: Turkish Army heliborne operation in Erbil, Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkey has released images of its forces heliborne operation against several PKK points in Mount of Khuakurk in the Bradoust region in northeast of Erbil province in Iraq.

18 April 2020
Video: The interesting report of Al-Manar tv reporter from the border line

Ali Shoaib, the Al-Manar tv reporter has filmed from slots in the border fence, by presence in border line with occupied Palestine.

16 April 2020
Video: Mehdi Al Mashat visiting from Sana’a neighborhoods

ISWNews Analysis Group: During recent rains in Yemen, some cities including Sanaa have damaged by flood.

15 April 2020
Video : Investigating the engagement between Taliban and foreign and government forces after peace agreement

In this video the number of attacks by Taliban and foreign and government forces is counted to show the situation of peace in Afghanistan.

15 April 2020
Video: A part of Al-Tanaf militias have joined the Syrian Army forces

ISNews Analysis Group: Some of the militias which were in the southeast of Syria surrendered themselves peacefully with their military equipment to the Syrian Army.

11 April 2020
Syria and Iraq War Report – April 9, 2020: Thunder In Idlib Paradise