The Yemeni Army Releases Footage Of The Seizure Of Galaxy Leader (Video)

Monday 20 November 2023 - 21:19

The Yemeni Armed Forces released the video of the seizure of the Galaxy Leader Vehicles Carrier in the Red Sea.

On November 19, the special forces of the Yemeni army boarded the Galaxy Leader ship using a Mi-17 helicopter, and after carrying out the operation and arresting the crew, they guided the ship to Hudaydah coast with the escort of several military boats of the Yemeni navy.

The Yemeni armed forces had previously warned that all Israeli ships or ships cooperating with the Israeli regime would not be safe in the Red Sea.

The Yemeni armed forces have emphasized that until the heinous crimes of Israel against the Palestinian people are not stopped, Yemeni military operations against the Israeli regime in the occupied Palestinian territory and its interests in the region will continue.

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The operation of the naval special forces of the Yemeni army and the seizure of the Israeli ship Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea
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