Confessions Of Israeli Spy In Iraq, Elizabeth Tsurkov (Video)

Tuesday 14 November 2023 - 12:10

A new video of Elizabeth Tsurkov, an Israeli spy, shows that she was working as an agent for Israeli and US spy agencies of Mossad and CIA to create division among the Shia Muslims in Iraq.

ISWNews Analysis Group – On November 13, media outlets close to the Islamic Resistance of Iraq released a new video of Elizabeth Tsurkov who had disappeared in Iraq some time ago.

In this video footage, Tsurkov said that I am an Israeli citizen and 37 years old. I left Israel and went to the United States. I was working for the Mossad and CIA. I was active in establishing relations between Israel and the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria, and I had traveled there in 2022.

She concluded by saying that I came to Iraq to serve the Mossad and CIA, and I have been in captivity for about 7 months now. I served Israel and I don’t think anything has been done for my freedom.

Before her arrest, Tsurkov has been active on Twitter for over 15 years and openly supported wars and interventions against countries that the US and Israel consider their enemies, especially Syria. Despite the crimes of terrorist groups and opponents of the Syrian government, she helped to whitewash in favor of Syrian militants.

According to her close friends, she was a former member of the Israeli army intelligence forces who participated in Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanon’s Hezbollah (33-day war). Tsurkov is also simultaneously a member of several Israeli think tanks and US institutions, including New Lines Institute.

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The full video of Elizabeth Tsurkov confessions
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