ISIS is planning, this time for Myanmar

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 - 22:28

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News the members of the ISIS terrorist group are recruiting forces in Malaysia to operate in Myanmar, quoting from

According to Ayub Khan Maidin, assistant to the Anti-Terrorism division of the Malaysian Police, at a meeting entitled “Youth Awareness of Threats”:

ISIL by using the problem in Rohingya as a chance to recruit new members to carry out terrorist acts.

ISIL media managers are also targeting the Malaysian people to join ISIL by publishing images of crimes against the Rohingya people

We have information that shows the possibility of Indonesian involvement in terrorist activities.

Myanmar’s proximity to Malaysia is an opportunity for ISIS to increase its influence in the Rakhin province.

Malaysia is closer to Myanmar and the Philippines than Syria.

Now, after the death of Mohamed Vandi Mohammad Jedi in Syria, four Malaysian terrorist in Syria are actively seeking to recruit new members from Malaysia for ISIL.

Threats of the presence of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Myanmar and and being fed by the surrounding countries are quite serious, it seems that Islamic countries should be more active than the past and enter the Myanmar issue and prevent the mess that may be exacerbated by the entry of Takfiris in Myanmar. The consequences of the presence of terrorists in Myanmar could seriously affect the face of Islam in the world along the lines of this Zionist project.


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