Delivery of the new Sukhoi-35s to the Egyptian Army + Images

Saturday 1 August 2020 - 19:41

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Egyptian air force recently received five Sukhoi-35 jet fighters from Russia, despite the threats and pressure of US.

According to the images that have been released of these fighters in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, their serial numbers are 9210-9211-9212-9213-9214.
According to the deal that was signed by worth of 2 billion dollars between Russia and Egypt in 2019, the Egyptian air force will receive 20 Sukhoi-35 jet fighters from Russia. After this agreement, the US as usual, threatened the Egypt that if it buys fighters from Russia, it may impose sanction on this country.

Of course, the Egyptian army has so much of experiences in buying various and extensive military equipment from different countries around the world, that this issue has caused a lot of criticism against this country. Many believe that this issue will face the Egyptian army with problems in technical supporting of war gears in the long time.

Regarding Egypt, mentioning this point is worthy that this country is the largest recipient of foreign aids from the US, after Israel. The US has provided billions of dollars in economic and military fields to Egypt, in recent years.
However, Egypt is ignoring the US threats regarding the buying of fighters from Russia; perhaps an important part of Egypt’s behavior goes back to this fact that this country plays a role as a safety valve for the Israeli regime, and Egypt by knowing this issue, is clearly extorting money from the US!



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