Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan 21 September 2020

Monday 21 September 2020 - 20:50

Latest news from the fronts and peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban

1. Peace talks:
The negotiation between Afghanistan administration and Taliban regarding the situation and framework of the negotiation, which was supposed to be held on Saturday, is delayed. The reason was discord in agenda.

2. Badakhshan:
In the conflict between security forces and people’s immobilization with Taliban in Cheshmeh Sepidar area, Khash district and Qala Waram area, Shuhada district, four Taliban militants killed and ten injured. One security force martyred and three injured.

3. Meydan Wardak:
Due to explosion of a vehicle near security forces caravan, eight security forces martyred.

4. Qandahar:
Due to Taliban attack to security forces in Takhte Pol district, four of security forces martyred and three of Taliban militants including a spy killed.

5. Bamian:
Due to Taliban attack to Baghak station, Shibar district, two security forces killed and one injured.

6. Afghanistan state ministry:
In the last two weeks 328 civilians were killed and injured in Taliban attacks.

7. Pakistan
In the operation of security forces of Pakistan in Baluchistan state, four anti-government militants killed.

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