Afghanistan: Baghlan city on the verge fall!

Thursday 6 May 2021 - 23:33

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to Taliban’s extensive attack in Baghlan province, several important points have fallen in the center of the province.

Following Taliban operation in Baghlan province, since today morning Taliban militants attacked Baghlan district in which two army stations were occupied in outskirts of Baghlan. Upon Taliban’s breaching Kohna Baghlan town, more than a hundred of Afghanistan security forces surrendered and southern parts of Baghlan have been occupied.
The army has taken position in north of the town and heavy conflict continues in Baghlan.

On the other hand, Taliban besieged Baghlan by cutting the roads to Taleh and Barfak in the south and if the army support doesn’t arrive the area will fall soon.
Taliban could claim Burkah district and parts of Alingar area villages without trouble in north of the province yesterday.

Following US deadline to leave Afghanistan according to Doha agreement, Taliban’s attacks in different provinces increased and the security forces cannot stand against them due to lack of strength or being ready.
NATO and American forces occupied and exploited Afghanistan many years under the excuse of training Afghanistan troops and now we can see the outcome! An army which doesn’t resist!

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