Latest Updates on Baghlan, 7 May 2021

Saturday 8 May 2021 - 19:10

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between the Taliban and government forces continued in Baghlan province.

According to the latest news from Baghlan province, government forces have completely withdrawn from Baghlan-e-Kohne city and the city has been captured by the Taliban. Taliban sources claim that 200 government forces have surrendered.

Taliban forces also attacked Dehneh Ghori district and set fire to the market of the district. Taliban media released a video of a government military base in Dehneh Ghori, the location and name of which are still unknown.

In the Alingar district, Taliban have claimed control of eight other districts and villages, including Mengso, Kohneh Gol, Chinchar Pol, and Badi’ al-Abd, during which 14 government forces were captured.

The Ministry of Defense and Afghan government officials announced the sending of Army reinforcements to Baghlan province. However, they still deny the fall of the districts in the province.

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