Afghanistan: Taliban attack on northwestern districts bordering Iran

Monday 31 May 2021 - 11:57

ISWNews Analysis Group: Taliban militants launched a heavy attack to Ghourian district, west of Herat province, at the border of Iran.

Some areas of the district have been occupied by Taliban yesterday and some roads are cut and some surrounding areas are occupied, according to the latest updates.

The electricity of the city is out and the conflict is high in the market. Air force warplanes raided several positions if Taliban and Army’s tanks retreated from the market. Taliban on the other hand shelled Army positions in the district.
There are no casualty report from either side and it is said that three civilians are wounded recently and brought to the hospital.

Ghourian district is in the west of Herat province and has border with Iran’s Razavi and South Khorasan provinces and has a population of 150 thousand. Ghourian is en route Taybad-Herat road and if it falls, it means the road access from Herat to Iran is broken.

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