Imran Khan Released On Bail (Video)

Friday 12 May 2023 - 14:28

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Supreme Court of Pakistan released the former Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan on bail.

On May 12, Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former prime minister has been granted bail by Islamabad’s highest court, days after his dramatic arrest. A judge in the capital city’s High Court ordered Khan’s temporary release for two weeks.

This morning, Imran Khan was transferred from the guest house of the Ministry of Interior to the High Court of Islamabad this morning to explain the charges related to the financial and administrative corruption case and then he was released. Of course, the corruption charges against him are still open.

Officials of the Pakistani government called this sentence a sign of double standards of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and criticized this institution.

The arrest of Imran Khan over corruption charges set off a deadly outpouring of anger against the country’s military. These tensions led to bloody clashes between the supporters of Imran Khan and the military and security forces, which left at least 9 dead and nearly 2,000 wounded. Also, more than 3000 people were arrested by the police, whose fate and punishment have not been determined yet.

The moment Imran Khan was transferred to Islamabad High Court
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