Drone Attack On Military Academy In Homs

Thursday 5 October 2023 - 22:17

A drone attack on a military academy in Homs Governorate, Syria, resulted in at least 81 martyrs and 239 others wounded.

On October 5, the military academy in Homs was targeted by militants in a drone attack, during which at least 81 military personnel and mostly civilians attending the graduation ceremony of students were killed.

In the early minutes after the terrorist attack, some media outlets reported the martyrdom of the Syrian defense minister, but informed sources announced that the minister had left the military academy approximately 20 minutes before the drone attack.

According to the Syrian Ministry of Health, at least 81 people including 31 women and 5 children were martyred and 239 others were wounded.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement, announcing that terrorist groups supported by international parties targeted the graduation ceremony of military academy students in Homs with explosive-laden drones.

The terrorist attack resulted in the martyrdom of several non-military and military personnel and left dozens of civilians injured, the ministry underlined.

The statement emphasized that targeting the graduation ceremony in Homs is an unprecedented terrorist act, and we will respond to these terrorist groups with all our might. We emphasize that the planners and executors of this criminal act will be held accountable and will face severe consequences.

It seems that today’s drone attack on the military academy in Homs was carried out with the cooperation and support of states that are aiding and abetting terrorist groups in Syria.

Given the fact that the Syrian Defense Minister took part in the military academy, when the terrorist attack occurred, it is likely that the act of terror conveys an important message for the Syrian government.

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