Increase In Airstrikes, Artillery Attacks In Syria Under Shadow Of War In Palestine; Syrian Army Artillery, Russian Fighter Jets Take Breath Of Armed Militants!

Monday 9 October 2023 - 17:45

While the attention of all regional and international media outlets is focused on the battle between the Israeli regime and Palestinian resistance groups, tensions in Syria, especially in the northern regions of the Arab country, have significantly escalated in the past three days.

Turkish military helicopters have targeted at least 146 positions in northern Syria in the past 72 hours. Russian fighter jets and Syrian army artillery continuously bombarded positions belonging to armed groups and terrorists in the Idlib Governorate.

Turkiye’s relentless airstrikes on northern Syria are carried out following a terrorist attack on the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara and under the pretext of combating the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorism.

The Syrian army’s attacks on Idlib Governorate are also carried out following a terrorist attack by a drone on a military academy in Homs Governorate, which resulted in the martyrdom of 89 people.

According to local sources, the airstrikes by Turkish military helicopters have targeted 24 infrastructure facilities, 87 residential buildings, 14 Syrian army bases, 10 bases belonging to the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), 6 farms, 3 factories, one school, and one hospital.

On the other hand, tensions between the Syrian army and armed groups in northern and northwestern Syria have increased due to the drone attack on the military academy in Homs Governorate and, as a result, an increase in artillery and airstrikes by the Syrian army on the positions of armed groups is visible.

On October 7-8, the positions of armed groups in areas such as Al-Nayrab, Al-Fatirah, Al-Ruwaiha, Ariha, Darat Izza, Idlib, and Jisr al-Shughur were targeted by the Syrian army’s artillery. Russian fighter jets also targeted the positions of armed groups in Ma’arrat Misrin and Kobani.

In response to these attacks, the armed groups targeted the areas of Nubl, Al-Zahraa, and Qardaha with artillery attacks. Local sources also claimed that a suicide drone near the military academy in Aleppo was tracked and destroyed by the Syrian army’s air defense systems. Further details and casualty figures of these attacks have not been released so far.

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