Latest Military Developments Of Gaza And Northern Palestine, 27 October 2023 (Map)

Saturday 28 October 2023 - 01:09

On the 21st day of fighting, the Israeli army carried out a naval incursion operation at the dawn and early hours of Friday on the coast of Rafah city in the south of the Gaza Strip. This attack was met with vigilance and confrontation of al-Qassam forces in Rafah shores, and the Zionist forces were forced to abandon their weapons and ammunition and retreated from this area with the help of air support.

The axis of the attack on the Rafah coast

From the evening and the last hours of Friday, the Israeli army began its ground operations against the Gaza Strip. At the same time as the ground attack, the airstrikes intensified and different areas of the Gaza Strip, especially Gaza City and its surroundings, were targeted by heavy and unprecedented Israeli airstrikes. In addition to using heavy bombs, the Israeli regime also uses phosphorous and incendiary bombs to target Gaza.

Following this attack, the Hamas movement issued a statement calling for the general mobilization of the people of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem and the territories of 1948 and Palestinians abroad to support Gaza and stop the criminal and genocidal attacks in Gaza.

The main focus of Israel’s ground attacks is on the eastern areas of al-Bureij in the center of Gaza and Beit Hanoun area in the north of Gaza. It is said that the Palestinian fighters in the Beit Hanoun axis fired at least 6 anti-tank guided missiles towards the armored vehicles of the Israeli regime. Heavy attacks are also reported in al-Bureij axis. As of this writing, Palestinian fighters have repelled all Israeli ground attacks, and Israeli forces have not succeeded in penetrating deep into the Gaza Strip.

There is no information available on the amount of armored and human casualties of the Israeli regime as well as Palestinian fighters. Since Friday afternoon, almost all cellular services and the Internet in the Gaza Strip have been cut off, and it is difficult to obtain verifiable information.

There are also news of the Yemeni army’s missile and drone attacks against the positions of the occupying regime in the south of Palestine in the Eilat area. The Israeli regime also released a video claiming to have intercepted and destroyed a Yemeni drone in the Red Sea. However, the news of Yemen’s drone and missile attacks against Israel cannot be confirmed at the moment.

In the northern front, clashes continued in the form of artillery, missile and rocket attacks as in the past days. Hezbollah targeted the positions of the Israeli occupying forces with artillery and anti-armor missiles on several occasions. The Israeli regime also targeted the villages and border areas of southern Lebanon on several occasions using artillery and fighter jets.

Regarding the number of casualties, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs in Gaza has increased to more than 7326 people and the number of injured people has reached more than 18,000. The number of West Bank martyrs also increased to 103 people.

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