Latest Military Developments Of Gaza And Palestine, 30 October 2023

Monday 30 October 2023 - 23:51

On the 24th day of war, Israeli forces entered the Gaza Strip from the southern side of Gaza City and Juhr al-Dik area. Israeli tanks managed to cut the Salah al-Din road that connects Gaza City to the southern areas of the Gaza Strip for several hours. Also, the Israeli forces advanced towards the south of Gaza City and al-Zaytoun neighborhood, but they encountered a strong ambush by Palestinian fighters. According to the latest information, Israeli forces are still present in the mentioned areas and the clashes and exchanges of fire between the parties continue.

It should be noted that the Juhor ad-Dik area is a very low density and sparsely populated area, and it is also weaker in terms of defense fortifications than other regions of Gaza, and it is costly and difficult to defend it. Therefore, the Israeli army has chosen this area for the first advance deep into the Gaza Strip. The goal of the Israeli regime by advancing on this axis is probably to completely cut off the southern routes of Gaza City and encircle this city from the south.

Israeli army’s advances into the Gaza Strip and the possibility of completing the siege of Gaza City from the south – click to view in full size

In the south of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army carried out attacks on the low-density area of al-Fukhari in the south of Khan Yunis, but they faced heavy resistance from the Palestinian fighters. Unlike the south of Gaza City, the Israeli forces failed to advance in this axis and all attacks were repelled.

Direction of clashes in the southern Gaza Strip – click to view in full size

Since the last hours of Monday, the ground attacks of the Israeli army have intensified in the axis of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia, located in the north of the Gaza Strip and the eastern axis of Gaza City. Clashes continue…

Heavy bombardment of different areas of Gaza by the fighter jets and artillery of the Israeli regime continues. The Israeli regime announced that it had bombed 600 points in the Gaza Strip last night. The attack rate has increased compared to similar attacks in previous day. The number of martyrs in Gaza has increased to more than 8,306 people and the number of injured has increased to more than 21,048 people. In the West Bank, at least 111 Palestinians were martyred and more than 1,950 others were injured.

In the West Bank, in the early hours of Monday morning, Israeli forces attacked Jenin and clashed with the Palestinian resistance forces in this camp. As a result of these clashes, at least three Palestinians were martyred, seven others were injured, and more than 10 people were arrested. Resistance forces also detonated several bombs in the path of Israeli military vehicles. No information is available on the number of Israeli casualties. In these conflicts, the Israeli army had the air support of reconnaissance and attack drones. In an attack, these drones targeted a house during which a Palestinian was martyred and several others were injured.

In the northern front, clashes continued as in the past days in the form of artillery and rocket attacks. Despite the ground entry of the Israeli regime into the Gaza Strip, no serious and specific movement by Hezbollah is observed. As in the past days, Hezbollah targeted the positions of Israeli forces along the border lines with rockets or guided missiles. The Israeli regime army also targeted the villages and border areas of southern Lebanon on several occasions using drones, artillery fire, and incendiary phosphorous bombs.

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