Baloch Liberation Army Concludes Operation In Mach Town

Thursday 1 February 2024 - 18:06

The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) terrorist group has halted a two-day conflict with Pakistani armed forces in Mach town in the Balochistan province, which resulted in the death of all the armed separatists.

Jihand Baloch, the spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army, announced the end of the group’s operation in the town of Mach, located in Kachhi District of the Balochistan province.  

Despite the death of 12 militants affiliated to the Baloch Liberation Army in the clashes with Pakistani government forces, the group claims that the attack on Mach town was successful and that they achieved all their objectives.

The group has asked its remaining forces to return to their hideouts and leave the operational area. According to state media reports, the Baloch Liberation Army terrorists have caused significant damage to homes, shops, and livelihoods of Mach residents and have killed several civilians in the area.

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The clash between the Baloch Liberation Army and Pakistani armed forces in the town of Mach began on Monday (January 29), and continued until the Wednesday evening (January 31).

Although both sides have released different details and statistics about the conflict, final and accurate information about the extent of casualties and damage has not been published so far, and official sources have postponed the details of the clashes and their casualties until further notice.

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