Latest Military Situation In Mariinka Front (Map)

Sunday 3 March 2024 - 09:25

After about 10 days of fighting on the Mariinka-Georgiivka axis, the Russian army forces managed to advance a few hundred meters south of the Georgiivka reservoir. In this axis, the main parts of Georgiivka village are still under the control of the Ukrainian army.

Also, in the last week, Russian forces advanced in the northern fields of Mariinka, reached the south of Krasnogorivka and entered Shevchenka street. Krasnogorivka is considered as one of the most important defense fortifications of the Ukrainian army in the western axis of Donetsk city, and in recent years it has played an important role in feeding the Ukrainian lines in this axis.

Interactive map of Mariinka

Military situation on the Mariinka front – click to view full size
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