New Dimensions of Ukrainian Airplane Incident in Tehran; US Footprint Brighter than Ever! + Video

Monday 13 January 2020 - 23:42

As some days have been spent of the Ukrainian plane incident, new dimensions are be emerged about its details. The dimensions that may will clarify much of issues for all of people, after its final confirmation and formal announcement.

According to available information, few after Iran’s missile attacks on US terrorist forces in Iraq, the US reconnaissance aircraft “Rivet Joint”, started the simulation of cruise missiles firing to some targets in center of Iran.

The aircraft is the same aircraft that after downing of US MQ-4C UAV above the Hormoz strait by Iran’s defence system, flew above the Iranian islands Abu Musa and Siri the night before the July 4th (US Independence Day) and with changing its flight ID to an Iranian aircraft, provoked the Iranian air defense to attack and create widespread tension in the region. Anyway…

In fact, the Americans have acted against Iran’s defense system to mislead it; but it’s not the all of story!
What indicates the depth of disaster and US evil, is the changing the identification of a passenger aircraft to a cruise missile!

Perhaps, it’s a question for many people that why and how this cameraman was exactly in the right place and right time, and has set his camera exactly on that part of sky where the air defence missile hit the plane! And his unusual calmness with zero stress…

But in the next studies, that will be published with more scientific evidences, it will be shown how US Rivet Joint changes the Ukrainian aircraft ID, to a cruise missile, and provides the base for happening this great disaster.
On the other hand, it is increasing this probability that there is someone as a cameraman, that the intended location has been given to him, that be ready in the right time, in the intended place, and focus his camera on Ukrainian plane for filming. Because with doing this evil action and changing the plane’s ID, the possibility of its targetting by air defence systems located in the region, is so high.
And unfortunately this issue is done, due to the inherent duty of the defense systems. And the film of this event published in the anti-Iran government media short after the incident.

It is interesting to note that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also issued a warning about an hour and a half before the incident, calling for US commercial and non-commercial aircraft to not fly over Tehran “due to the potential for miscalculation of mis-identification”!

The Qatari Emir’s trip to Iran and rumors about his staggering financial aids to Iran for compensation, are interpretable in this regard. Because Qatar has a major indirect role in this event too and the US has abused of them for advancing its goals.

It is important to be noted that scrutiny of the events such Ukrainian plane crash, and announcing its conclusions in all over the world, usually takes weeks or months. But the commander of IRGC aerospace forces, that couldn’t say clearly many of issues to people because of security affairs, but with honesty and in the lowest possible time, and even before completing the investigations about the case, appears in front of the cameras and announces the targetting the plane by country’s air defence system. Then, this action may be a relief on survivors wound and show that Iran’s military forces are honest to their people.

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